What do you get with the SMS Biosport earbuds

SMS BioSport Earbuds – Bye-Bye Chest Strap!

January 9, 2015 by Michelle

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New SMS Audio Biosport earbuds

So the other day at the gym, the instructor didn’t show up for my class. Again. Fortunately, I’m always prepared for this. I keep a pair of earbuds in a pocket of my wallet that I can pull out in an emergency – you know, when I’m flying with a loud talker next to me or when the instructor doesn’t show up at the gym.

Bad news? This time when I pulled them out, they were broken.

Broken earbuds

Part of the earbud had broken off, and much as I tried to fix it, I could do nothing to make sound go through again. And if you know me, you know that I tried everything from screwing it back on to listening to it without the piece that had broken off. No dice.

closeup of broken earbuds

I need earbuds when I’m running. I actually don’t like running, but I do it because I’m proud of what I accomplish when I’m running and because I love the feeling I have when I’m done. The only way I can get through is to distract myself by listening to music. If I’m not listening to music, I’m constantly thinking about how long I’ve run for and how much further I have to go, which only makes me get tired faster because I’m more aware of it. When I’m not listening to music, it’s too easy to just stop because I convince myself I can’t go any further.

This is not a tenable situation, people. I can’t live without earbuds. New earbuds promptly when on my shopping list, but you won’t believe where I ended up buying them. We just got back from a trip to my in-laws’ house for “Christmas” which means that I was still doing shopping for their gifts when I had this earbud disaster. When I went into Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy golf balls for my brother-in-law, I saw a display for earbuds and more up near the front of the store.

Display of SMS BioSport Earbuds at Dick's

Tucked away near the bottom were some brand new SMS BioSport Audio Earbuds that caught my eye.

What do you get with the SMS Biosport earbuds

Why? Well, to start, they aren’t just earbuds. They have a built in heart rate monitor that integrates biometric sensors for fitness data collection. Because the ear-wing design sits deeper in the ear, it’s more accurate and dynamically removes noise signals caused by the body’s motion during a workout.

SMS Biosport earbuds in ear

Because, let’s be honest. When I head to the gym, I’m taking a whole lot of gear with me. In addition to my emergency headphones (that also get use when I hit the treadmill for a scheduled run or head to the local trails near my house), I also bring my heart rate monitor that includes the chest strap, monitor, and watch. I have to remember to wet the chest strap and attach the monitor, and it’s always uncomfortably clammy when I first put it on. Then I have to remember to start my heart rate monitoring when I begin my workout, and you don’t want to know how often I have forgotten until halfway through. Couple that with my strap having broken twice, my watch running out of batteries, and the need to put the chest strap somewhere that will allow it to dry between workouts so it doesn’t mildew, and this is a hugely useful but not very practical tool for me.

Now my earbuds can do this? Sold.

And yes, I saw that the SMS BioSport Earbuds actually charge themselves. They have technology that enables the 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack to power the headphones and biometric monitoring capabilities, so I never again have to worry about running out of juice to my heart rate monitor. No batteries or charging required!

I couldn’t wait to bring them home (Merry Christmas to me?) and start using them. Me and my tiny ears were happy to quickly and easily switch out the earbud inserts for the smallest size that worked wonderfully. I was surprised by how comfortable they were, and I couldn’t wait to get them set up to take to the gym.

I’m all about using technology where I can, and the SMS BioSport Earbuds connect to the free Runkeeper app with no setup other than plugging in the earbuds with an Android phone. Bonus? When you purhase these earbuds, you get a code for a free month of the Runkeeper Elite in the package.

While I was having fun syncing the Runkeeper App with my earbuds, my phone rang. I answered it, intending to put it on speaker, but I realized that there is a microphone with my SMS BioSport Earbuds. I started speaking, and my friend heard me loud and clear. No speakerphone miscommunications, and I don’t think she even realized it wasn’t a normal phone call. And I fell just a little bit more in love.

Taking a call with the earbuds

See, my small ears means that most Bluetooth devices are uncomfortable for me, or they simply fall out of my ear. I’d given up on using a Bluetooth in my car. And since it’s illegal to use a phone unless it’s with a handsfree device, I’ve been avoiding phone calls. I have so many friends I just don’t keep in touch with as well because car time was always my talk time. And when someone calls me, I have to either ignore the call or try to have a speakerphone conversation with the phone on my lap, which never turns out well. Sometimes, I have the wee ones in the car with me and they get to play secretary for me. It’s just not a good solution no matter how you look at it.

I hadn’t even intended for my favorite new SMS BioSport Earbuds to be my new bluetooth device, but they’ve been drafted. I love how easy it is to rock out to my music and then take a call handsfree. Do you know what this means? All that time I spend in my kitchen cooking and baking is now more time that I can connect with my friends. Thank goodness for wireless plans with unlimited minutes! NExt year, I won’t even have to send out a Christmas card letter because everyone is going to know exactly what’s going on with me.

Winter break hasn’t ended yet here, which means I haven’t been to the gym to use them as they’re technically intended (thank you, Chicago, for this lovely cold weather that has canceled school for the last three days), but while I sit here working and child-wrangling, these earbuds are maintaining my sanity while the wee ones play their (loud) games all day long. I’m searching for my sanity anywhere I can!

Working with earbuds

Wanna see it in person? I created a fun little video tutorial so you can see how truly easy it is to use the SMS BioSport Earbuds. Check it out.

In this new year, not only am I excited to get to the gym again and regain the fitness levels I had a year or more ago, but I’m also focused on organizing and purging. These earbuds? They do three jobs in one, which means I can pack these in my purse in the awesome little storage pack and use them all the time.

SMS BioSport is earbud, bluetooth and heart rate monitor

Bye bye chest strap!

Hello, yes, I can now talk in my car. Go ahead, call me!

And if you watched my video, you already saw how I’m rocking out.

How are you working to achieve your goals this year?

If the SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds might be in your future, buy them now. I found mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods, but there is an offer code for 20% off SMS BioSport Headphones on SMSAudio.com. Just use BioSport20, and you can save 20% through 1/31/15 (US only).


  • Andrea Kruse

    I need to get back into the gym workout routine. I agree with you that a traditional chest strap is less than comfortable and easy. Hope this helps to give you a good distraction on those runs. #client

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