Baking Beauty Blog for the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange

Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange

December 20, 2013 by Michelle

If you haven’t noticed, I adore Social Fabric. It’s a great community online that doesn’t just offer great opportunities for me as a blogger; it’s also an actual community where information is shared and support is given. I am so impressed by everyone I’ve met and worked with through them, so you know I was all over their virtual gift exchange this year.

So…what is a virtual gift exchange?  Essentially, I was randomly matched with Krystle from Baking Beauty.  And today, I get to feature her here and introduce you all to her as someone you may want to get to know.  She’s of course elsewhere online, too.  You can find her on Pinterest and Twitter as Krystle Kouture.  Like everyone, she’s on Facebook as Baking Beauty, and yes, she even has a YouTube channel that she posts to from time to time.

Baking Beauty Blog for the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange

Her blog focuses on food and reviews, though she is also a lover of beauty products with a focus on product reviews of everything from eye shadows to lip glosses to perfumes and more.  Her rating system makes it easy to decide what is and isn’t for you.

And the food.  You know I’m a foodie, too, and I love seeing what other people create to inspire me further.  These adorable cinnamon polar bear cookies are definitely making their way onto my baking to do list.  And then there’s the no bake s’more cake.  If you know me and my love of anything s’mores – because I’ve made my own creations in homage of the delicious melty chocolatey gooey treat – this is so up my alley.  Yum!  And then there are these mac and cheese muffin cups.  I have had such a taste for mac and cheese lately, and I’m headed to a party tomorrow night, so I just might be bringing these.

Krystle is just 22 and obviously loves to spend time in her kitchen.  When she isn’t blogging, she is a criminal justice major who is thisclose to finishing her degree.  She has a dog named Carmella who has an illness and needs to be fed 4-5 times every day.  As a former animal shelter worker, hats off to Krystle for the love and dedication she gives her Bichon/Cavalier mix!

I started blogged because I had too many things I couldn’t remember anymore.  Krystle started for a similar reason.  Her family has always kept diaries, but her grandmother threw them all away one day.  She was devastated and was determined to keep a better record that is much harder to destroy – thus, her blog, Baking Beauty.

Krystle must be someone to go check out, right?  After all, she never misses an episode of Jeopardy – you can imagine the fun conversations you’d have with her, right?

Tons of Social Fabric members participated in the virtual gift exchange this year. It’s a great way to get to meet bloggers you might not otherwise run across.  Check out some of the other participants below:


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    It’s nice to find all of these new blogs.

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