Spring Break In France

April 4, 2013 by Michelle

Ok, so it wasn’t this year.  Or recently.  But I did once spend spring break in France for a gorgeous two weeks that I wish I could relive.  Well, except for the time our bus to somewhere broke down after I’d bought a 3 liter bottle of water and drunk it all in the half hour before the bus broke down.  That part wasn’t so fun.

But I love Europe – then and now.  I may not be able to converse with everyone the way I could then, but that’s a good motivation to relearn my French, right?  When I was there, the shopkeepers would actually respond to me in French while they talked to my friends in English.  Apparently French class accents mark you as American, and they don’t want us butchering their language, but my time in Belgium meant that I apparently had a Belgian accent and therefore didn’t get called out as quickly.

Oh and I completely forgot to include the guys who would grab your rear in Metro stations or stick their tongues down your throat. Wow was that a wakeup call!

But oh there was more… much more.

So what’s your favorite spring break memory?  Just be glad I didn’t go literal and tell you about how I broke my foot walking the beaches in Florida when I was in college!


  • Annie, mamadweeb

    Wow!! What an awesome Spring Break! Now I am wondering if anyone had as lame a break as me? LOL!!! (I totally regret not experiencing a fun one now)

  • Julie

    I’ve never been to France, what a great experience for you!

  • Lisa - Hannemaniacs

    I still remember my trip to Italy in high school. We toured the entire country for two or three weeks in the summer. My grandparents lived there, so it’s wasn’t my first time in Italy, but it was such a fun way to see the country. I just wish I could remember it all more clearly!

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