Spring Has Sprung?

March 28, 2013 by Michelle

So yes, Spring officially arrived a couple weeks ago, according to the calendar.  And this week is officially our spring break.  But it hasn’t felt like spring yet, although that’s sort of what you expect living in Chicago.  Today, however, my thermometer broke 50 degrees for the first time since last fall.  And it’s sunny.  And the wee ones are playing outside for hours on end.

Beautiful purple flower blooming

I love spring – when it’s actually spring – for so many reasons.  So thank you, Meghan from JaMonkey who asked this week’s #VlogMom question:

What is your favorite part about spring?

Tell me what you love about Spring (yes, she get capital billing) so that I have some more to savor! And check out the other #VlogMom videos, too.


  • Laila @OnlyLaila

    I agree about the sun! I never realize how much I miss it until I don’t have it. Today was great, we got above 50 and I almost went out without a coat,lol.

    • Michelle

      Oh I know I miss it when it isn’t there… I’ve figured that out a long time ago unfortunately. But YES to the no coat. I did it on Saturday. Briefly.

  • Pat

    Wow! I had no idea Chicago had so many cloudy, cold, drizzly or snowy days! That wold be rather depressing. As you know, CA has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, but that leads to drought, which we are having again this year. I do enjoy the warmer temps in the spring, and my favorite part about spring is planting my vegetable garden once again. I’m hoping for lots of big veggies this year because I’ll be using horse manure, donated by friends who have horses. We live in a rural foothill area and a lot of people have horses and they are always happy to give away their horse manure.

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