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Sprint Direct 2 You For Easy Upgrades

September 28, 2015 by Michelle

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review of Sprint’s Direct 2 You and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. All opinions are my own. #MoveForward #SprintMom

Sprint Direct 2 You service. Set a free appointment online for free phone activation and setup with a tutorial on how to use your new phone

Tell me I’m not alone. Every time I see my mom, she hands me her phone to solve a problem with it. Every. Time.

They’re never major issues, but they’re little things that aren’t working as they “should” because she doesn’t understand her phone. When she got it, she was too embarrassed to be in the middle of the store asking for help and so just wings it… and winging it doesn’t work for her. Fortunately, I live fairly close to her.

Or there’s my issue. With my last phone, the SIM card reader suddenly stopped working properly. I would get an error message that my SIM card wasn’t in the phone anymore and I could only make emergency calls. Obviously, I needed a new phone, but it wasn’t until after I was in Minnesota – two states away – dropping my daughter off at camp for a week and my phone completely died with no tweaking that I finally made the time to go into the store to get a new phone because I’m simply “too busy” otherwise.

In either situation, Sprint Direct 2 You is the ideal solution. It’ a new service that Sprint offers in the Chicago area (which isn’t the 30 mile radius you think it might be but actually stretches way beyond what I could consider the Chicago metro area. And it isn’t just here, either. Sprint Direct 2 You is offered in 23 metro areas around the country right now and is expecting to be in over 30 by the end of the year.

Last week, I had the fun of heading downtown to the Sprint regional offices in Chicago to learn more about what Sprint is doing to stay ahead of the curve with technology, and I definitely walked away pretty impressed. If I tried to share it all with you, this would be a novel – and no one wants to read that. But Sprint as not just a viable option but a preferred option when it comes to your mobile provider? Absolutely?

If you watch tv at all, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the ads touting their changes. One of the most important to me is their data availability. Data usage in Chicago alone has increased 641% in the past two years. More data means network clogging for many carriers, and that leads to buffering and all sorts of other issues. Sprint is smart. They have spectrum coverage over three spectra next to each other, and they’ve figured out how to do a carrier aggregation (CA) so that the pipe – so to speak – is that much bigger, meaning more data can flow more smoothly and up to a theoretical 120Mbps (and up to 180Mbps next year when they add another band to it).

Remember how 3G was eclipsed by 4G and now we can’t imagine life without it? Same thing here. Other carriers? They don’t have it, and I can see this being a huge difference maker as smooth data delivery becomes even more critical. Yes, you need a CA capable phone, but the majority of newer Sprint phones have this capability already in place, including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and Note Edge, as well as the LG G4 and G Flex 2, HTC M9, and the iPhone 6 class.

And speaking of iPhones, did you go buy the latest iPhone when it came out? Who doesn’t want to have the latest and greatest phone (I know I covet them), and now Sprint offers the latest iPhone as soon as it’s available with iPhone Forever. For $15/month (with tradein), users get the iPhone 6S 16GB or $19/month (plus tradein) for the iPhone 6S Plus 16GB model. When the next iPhone comes out? Just swap and know you’ll always have the most up to date version without waiting for an upgrade allowance or having to pay full price.

I’ve talked before about the Sprint prepaid plans, and they are still going strong. No longer are these the burner phones that don’t have as many features. Now it’s more popular phones and models that make it more attractive. Couple that with low rates for unlimited talk, text, and data, and you have a really compelling solution. Boost Mobile has a $30 Boost Up package (when you sign up for automatic payments) where you receive unlimited talk, text, and data (2GB high speed data) for $30/month. Virgin Mobile Unlimited plans start at $35/month for unlimited talk, text and data with 1GB high speed data. And there’s now a third offering with Sprint Prepaid that has similar offerings – none of which have an annual contract that locks you in. I love this option for kids where behavior or grades or other… problems may necessitate a removal of data or phones from them, and now you don’t pay the penalty.

But my favorite is still Sprint Direct 2 You. It solves so many of the new phone problems for so many people, and the convenience of it can’t be beat.

What is Sprint Direct 2 You?

I know that I’ve been reluctant to order a new phone online for it to be delivered to my house, and when I’m busy I (obviously) don’t have the time to go into a store. Sprint Direct 2 You makes it convenient for you to get a new phone when and where you want it. Schedule an appointment via phone (844 347 2968) or on the Sprint Direct 2 You website, and Sprint will show up when and where you want with your new phone and – more importantly – help you get it set up.

That means you can have them meet you at a local coffee shop at 5:30am before work if it’s best for you. Or at your gym at 11:30 before your workout. Or at home at 9:30pm once you finish work. Or in a hotel in a city where you’re traveling because that awesome photo of the waterfall became a little too much of a closeup. You can schedule appointments for as soon as the next day, as long as you place your order by 5pm Eastern.

Sprint Direct 2 You is focused on the most current and popular phones at the moment. They’re the ones most people want anyway, and it keeps things simple. Right now, you can get the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, or the iPhone 5S or 5C only. They’re the most popular phones out there right now, but if you want a different phone, you can’t (currently) use Sprint Direct 2 You.

I love that the service is completely free, and it’s up to you how long or how short the appointment is. Unlike many service providers, you don’t get a 4 hour window of time where you’re sitting around waiting. No, you choose what time you want the phone, and that is what time your phone will be there. Talk about a convenience factor!

Within the Sprint Direct 2 You appointment, the tech will set up your new phone for you, as well as answering any questions you might have about it. That means getting your texts, contacts, photos, etc moved from your old phone to the new one – whatever you want to be sure you save. It also includes a lesson on how your phone works, which is great when there are new devices with pretty cool features that may not be the most intuitive (hello, Mom!).

And the best part? Not only is this a completely free service from Sprint, but right now, they have special goodies they’re giving away for every customer who books a Sprint Direct 2 You appointment. You get a free gift with your phone purchase when the expert delivers and sets up your phone. Most gifts are $29.99-$69.99 value (like the Motorola Buds Stereo Bluetooth headphones the Sprint Direct 2 You expert I talked to mentioned), while others will randomly be selected to receive a studio speaker system, a cruise for 2, or even tickets for two to the big game. How awesome would that be?

Why do you need a new phone tutorial from Sprint Direct 2 You?

Technology is changing all the time. I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy, but Sprint gifted me with their new LG G4 phone, and I’ll be honest that I could have used the tutorial. Why? There’s not traditional “on” button located on the side of the phone the way I’m used to. Yes, I had to google how to power on my new phone.

LG G4 has power on the back but no power buttons on the side

There are all sorts of new features every time a manufacturer releases a phone, and each manufacturer sets up their layout just a little differently. One of the coolest things about the new LG G4? The selfie feature. How often do you fumble with holding the phone as far from you as possible, trying to avoid getting your arm or hand in the shot and still managing to press the shutter button? The LG G4 has way cool functionality that lets you get your selfie set up, open and close your hand in front of the camera, and then it will take the selfie in 3 seconds. I love even more that I can open and close my hand twice and it will take a series of four photos three seconds apart to ensure I get just the “right” one. It works beautifully. Trust me.

Take a selfie with the LG G4 by opening and closing a fist

If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram feed, I love to take photos with my phone(s). And I like to play with the setting to try to take the best possible photos, and the options and features in the new LG G4 camera are impressive and varied. I’m working through learning them as best I can, but I’d love a tutorial on how to take the best photos and how to maximize the options within the camera rather than messing around and getting hit and miss results. You have no idea how much I adore the ability to adjust the ISO on a shot or the aperture settings and more. I can’t wait to spend some time taking photos of food and more to share with this 16MP camera (8MP front facing, wow!).

There are little things like the volume that you don’t know about unless you really play with the phone. Not only do you have the option of sound, vibrate, or mute, but you can choose whether you receive interruptions or only priority interruptions (someone tweeted at me? I don’t need to know that when I’m in a meeting, but if my son’s school calls I want to know) or no interruptions at all. It’s an easy setting to adjust, but if you don’t know it exists… well, again those kinds of features are more reasons why the Sprint Direct 2 You options is perfect when you get your new phone (again: note that the LG G4 is not currently an option for the service, but the premise remains regardless of your new phone).

LG G4 cool features and cool phone

Would you use the Sprint Direct 2 You the next time you upgrade your phone?



  • Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    “adjust the ISO on a shot or the aperture settings and more” <— This! I was just complaining about how I can't do that on my current phone. Thanks for sharing. I will have to look into this next time I need an upgrade 🙂

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