I was compensated to share my thoughts on the Emmy nominated Annedroids Season 3. That said, all opinions remain my own, and Little Miss can’t wait to watch more!
Annedroids Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video June 24. Great Emmy nominated kids' television series with great STEAM focus. Entertaining and engaging with a strong female lead. Kids solve their own problems.

When I was growing up, STEAM curriculum didn’t exist – or it wasn’t a focus anyway – and it certainly wasn’t the focus of many television series. The exception were some PBS shows, but I quickly grew out of them. Today, with the advent of Amazon Prime Video and other alternative providers, there are some truly great options that make me feel good about my kids watching television, knowing they’re entertained and being exposed to concepts I want them to learn at the same time. Annedroids Season 3 comes out June 24, and Little Miss in particular loves it.

Annedroids Season 3 has 13 episodes sure to keep your kids transfixed. Check out the first two seasons on Amazon Prime Video because they’re great, too, but you don’t need to have seen them to become engrossed in the new season. Little Miss cannot wait to watch the last few episodes. I love that kids take the lead in the show with adults as secondary characters. They have to solve their own problems, often through trial and error.

Annedroids Season 3 with Anne, Shania, and Nick

They face problems similar in concept to any child, though obviously with theatrical license, like working together and how to protect friends. Anne lives in a junkyard with her dad, an inventor. She has built her own droids (ergo, Annedroids!) and given them the ability to think for themselves. While most are robot-like, think traditional robot or a robotic arm, Pal looks like a person. Almost. And Pal wants nothing more than to be a real kid.

Pal is a human droid in Annedroids

Anne and her friends Nick and Shania do their best to protect their robot friends in the junkyard. Anne works on camouflage for the junkyard so everything blends in. She creates a robot guard dog to help keep out intruders. They do their best to hide Pal from Charlie, who is curious about Pal.

Woven throughout the stories are life lessons from failure just being a step on the way to success to lessons about energy. The STEAM curriculum runs through the stories but isn’t the sole focus. Little Miss enjoyed that while not feeling preached to. The other life lessons help generate interest. Anne, Nick, and Shania all have very strong and very different personalities, which creates some tension. Anne loves science and logic, while Shania thrives on drama and creativity. Nick wants to protect his friends while appeasing everyone, a difficult challenge. All three worked to create Pal, however, and they continue to remember that.

Annedroids Season 3 robots and Shania

Aimed at kids, Annedroids Season 3 includes some overacting that adults may not prefer, but Little Miss enjoys it. She loves the lack of ambiguity in how anyone feels. The silliness appeals to her, and I appreciate that. Obviously, Little Miss isn’t alone; Annedroids received 10 Daytime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Children’s Series. I can get behind that!

Want to watch Annedroids Season 3? Starting June 24, Prime members can stream the show as part of their membership at no additional cost. Watch it via the Amazon Video app on TVs, connected devices and mobile devices, or online. You can download it to watch offline on iOS, Android, and Fire device, too. If you have Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, you can stream it there, too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have two more episodes yet to watch. Little Miss keeps bouncing up to me asking when we can start. That’s a good thing. I think.

Annedroids Season 3 Pal

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