Step setup for step aerobics

Fit Update: Week 42 aka Try Try Try Again

October 28, 2013 by Michelle

Remember when I tried step aerobics at my gym because there wasn’t a different class I wanted to do?  Remember when I said that it just wasn’t for me?  I tried it again.

I wasn’t intending to because there was way too much of me standing near the step with my arms out for balance looking around me in bewilderment as the rest of the class did… something in rhythm with the instructor.  I was lost and over my head, and I flat out didn’t like that feeling.  It wasn’t a satisfying workout for me at all.

Step setup for step aerobics

So why did I go back?

Partly it’s stubbornness.  I don’t like to fail at things.  I may choose to not like something because it doesn’t appeal to me (and the claustrophobia of having my feet on the bike in spin class fits that description to a T), but I don’t want to not like something because it was too hard the first time I did it.  There are times when being stubborn is a positive character trait (or so I tell myself), and this is one of them.

And partly it was because Tuesdays have also become a bit of a lost day when it comes to the gym.  The bad Zumba instructor’s class has been canceled, so my choices are now yoga with the same instructor or doing the step class.  Some weeks I want and need yoga, and I’m happy to do her class.  Fortunately, she’s a much better yoga instructor than she is Zumba.  That said, some weeks I really want some cardio where I’m going to feel wiped out afterwards.  Mentally, I’m just not in the space for yoga.

So I went back to the step class and tried again.

Maybe I was a little more awake this time.  Or maybe it was the fact that I’d heard her instructions once before.  Or maybe I was standing where I could better view what the instructor was doing.  Or maybe I’m just flat out stubborn.  Regardless, it wasn’t as hard the second time.

I actually enjoyed myself that class, as the instructor is fun.  She talks to herself and to us between calling out moves.   She sings along – very off key – to some of her favorite songs.  And I could do more of the moves.  I still messed up sometimes doing the various moves, but I got back on beat and in rhythm… most of the time.

Fortunately, there were only a few times when I stood there and stared blankly at the rest of the class.  And only a few times when she did too many fancy moves in a row that lost me.  So I went back again.  And again.  And I’m getting the hang of the class, which means I’m enjoying it more.

I’m still “cheating” as it were by only using a step and one height extension instead of two, but the majority of the class is doing that.  I still haven’t come close to figuring out a few of the moves like her rock step where I freeze like a deer in headlights every time.  And the reverse L step is one I have to consciously think about every time which puts me a beat or two behind, but I’m getting there.  Even if I do sometimes end up on the wrong side of my step.

I think I’m going to go again tomorrow.  One day, I’ll do both the step and then the yoga class, but right now I don’t have the time to spend three hours of my day at the gym, once you count the driving and showering.  I’m proud to say that I think I can do it.  And I may need to do a bit of relaxation after my moments of panic during step.

But I still like it.  Silly, stubborn me.


  • hope

    I LOVE step. Which gym

    • Michelle

      I go to LA Fitness. It’s cheap and has unlimited classes with a good variety of offerings. I’ve been happy there – with the exception of a bad Zumba instructor who was temporary. I do have on major issue with this instructor, but I’ll post about that another day. And I (and others in the class) ignore that part anyway.

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