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Fit Update: Week 19 aka Stick To It

May 20, 2013 by Michelle

Shaklee Disclosure

So we’ve all heard the mantra that it takes 28 days to set a habit, right?  (You have heard that, haven’t you?)  With Shaklee, I’m well past that initial 28 day period – I’m in the midst of month three of working with Shaklee to shed some pounds.  And I have.  I’ve shared my progress with you, but I’ve also been stuck.  The scale hasn’t moved in the right direction in a meaningful way in a long time – or so it feels.

I’ve see-sawed up and down two pounds for weeks and weeks and weeks now.  And it’s killing me inside just a little bit.  If I’m doing it right, why  is my body not doing what it is supposed to do?  Am I doing it wrong?  Is it not working?  Am I missing something?  Is it just me and I’m meant to be this way and I should give up?

No, no annnnnnd no.

Frustrated face

Sometimes, I have to remind myself that big changes take time.  You don’t see the results immediately, and that’s ok.  Stick with it.  Persevere.  It’s worth it.

Or… as my high school cheerleading days would say, “Don’t you ever get down, don’t you ever give up, charge up!”

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  • Sommer

    Great post. It is hard to not want to give up and to go back to the old ways of doing things. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder.

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Sommer! It is sometimes hard not to give up when you feel like you’re doing it “right” but still not having things happen the way you WANT them to. Of course, what I want isn’t really realistic, and that’s part of what I need to remember!

  • Jackie

    I still get stuck on plateaus and I hate it! It can get really frustrating that the scale refuses to move and you feel like giving up. Till that one day that it does move or something that didn’t fit before suddenly fits and you’re feeling renewed and ready to keep working hard again!

    Sticking with it is the best thing to do!

    • Michelle

      It absolutely is. And yes, those little milestones sneak up on us, don’t they? Suddenly things fit or look better or you notice some small change or the scale finally DOES move and it’s so renewing!

  • unknownmami

    Now I’m always going to want my lemonade baked.

    I love the “new” blog layout. It looks gorgeous and I’m glad you moved to self-hosted.

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