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Stonyfield Organic Protein Smoothies

Growing up, I ate the same breakfast day after day. And I was happy to do it. In fact, I still do today. The wee ones aren’t quite the same, unfortunately. Little Miss is easier, but Mister Man needs to have a nice dose of protein prior to starting his day. He almost always has Greek yogurt with some preserves added to it. But he wants something “different” and so I’ve been casting about for ideas since he won’t eat eggs, which is my other protein go to idea.

When we received the coupons to try out the new Stonyfield products, I brought him with me to the grocery store to pick out the flavors he wanted (me) to try. The Stonyfield Greek and Chia was stocked in three flavors in my local store, though there are four flavors available. He immediately picked out red berries (then asked me what red the red berries are), blueberry, and blood orange. I know there’s pear available, as well, but my store sadly didn’t have it.

Stonyfield Greek with Chia

Since it’s Greek yogurt, it still has 12 grams of protein per container, in addition to the 500mg of Omega-3s from the chia seeds – even better for his brain development. And as an 11 year old boy, would you be shocked if he announced he was starving and had to eat immediately? He actually asked the salad bar workers for a spoon and proceeded to demolish the first container of Stonyfield Greek and Chia before we were a mile from the store.

Enjoying Stonyfield on the go

Fortunately, he let me have a taste, so I can vouch for the fact that the red berries is good. I like the crunch of it to give it a little extra texture, and the flavor of the chia seeds is mild enough to not overpower the taste of the fruit and the Greek yogurt. The chia seeds aren’t the small, hard seeds that I usually add to my own recipes. Swimming in the yogurt, they are much plumper with a pleasant crunch but not at all hard. Definitely a thumbs up from Mister Man (and me).

The Stonyfield Organic Protein smoothies were honestly the ones I was more excited about for Mister Man. At 11 years old, he has finally started to sleep in just a little. Needless to say, I am for once having to wake him up for school, which means I’m letting him sleep as late as possible before he’s racing to be ready for the bus. Unbeknownst to me, that means he’s started skipping breakfast or sticking a granola bar in his pocket “for later” instead of eating the protein he needs.

I have a solution now with 15 grams of protein – 30% of the recommended daily allowance. The Stonyfield Organic Protein smoothies come in three flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry – and Mister Man happily filled our shopping cart with two chocolate and two strawberry Stonyfield Organic Protein smoothies, yes, eschewing the vanilla this time around.

15 grams of protein smoothie

They are the perfect on the go breakfast (or snack) for Mister Man for those days when he doesn’t have the time to sit and relax with his meal. They’re gluten free, as well, and with all the organic ingredients and no artificial sweeteners or flavors, they taste great, too. The sugar content is a little high in both products, but they’re still much lower than a typical cereal or other breakfast product out there.

Stonyfield Organic Protein Smoothie flavors

I have a happy child on my hands. Or at least I will until he discovers that I’ve been dipping into his stash!

Which Stonyfield Organic Protein Smoothies would you pick up?

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