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We tend to have… picky eaters in our house.  When I buy new foods, it’s a 50/50 chance whether they’ll like it or not.  Or sometimes less.  Even the things I expect them to like – hello, dried peaches anyone? – don’t always pan out.  And then the snacks sit on my shelf, with me loathe to admit that I’ve wasted my money by throwing them out.

This is part of the attraction to me of subscription boxes.  For a minimal amount of money, you receive a box of samples to try.  We’ve used them before, and while not every snack has been the wee ones’ favorite, we’ve found some real winners.  Mexican Mangoes were some of the best I – or they – had ever tasted.  The bag disappeared in a flash.

But then we had the downside.  Once we finished our sample, there was no way to get more.  I contacted the company to see if we could find out where they got their mango since we’d had other dried mango that wasn’t nearly so tasty, but they couldn’t help me.  The wee ones were crushed.


Enter Goodies Co. and their subscription boxes.  The boxes are $7 per month, but you then have the opportunity to purchase full size versions of the products you love.  Hallelujah!  This – to me at least – is the entire point of subscription boxes: try various things and figure out what you like so you can buy more of it.

Like other subscription boxes, there are only a limited number available for the $7 monthly fee, but when you click on the link to sign up for a Goodies box, you can jump the line.  Gotta love being a VIP, right?  Your subscription with charge your card on the 2nd of each month, with the box following 2-3 weeks later.  The $7 includes shipping, and you can cancel any time by the last day of the month so you aren’t obligated to keep going.


Happen to be on vacation?  You can skip a month so the product doesn’t go to waste.   Goodies has gone one step further to make sure the boxes (which aren’t customizable) fit their customers’ likes.  They ask about your food preferences which helps shape the boxes they deliver going forward.  Additionally, they ask you to review the products you receive – you know, the ones you can buy more of?  As an incentive for you, each review earns you reward points that you can redeem, including for free boxes.  When you write a “good” review that’s clever or funny or people find helpful, you get even more reward points.


So yeah… Goodies has done it right.  The boxes include 5-8 snack items each month.  The May box included olive oil, blue raspberry gummy straws, pink lemonade gummy straws, mango chipotle sauce, organic Moroccan mint tea, sea salt pumpkin seeds, black bean chips, and coconut water, plus a coupon for a Wholly Guacamole product.  Each month is different, giving you the opportunity to test out items that you might otherwise not.  I have to say… that mango chipotle sauce is calling my name.  Add in the ability to buy more (of that mango chipotle sauce) and earn rewards for reviewing what I receive, and I’m all over the Goodies surprise.

So go.  Check it out and see if the Goodies subscription box might be right for you, too!


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