Sunday School Isn’t Sinking In

May 8, 2013 by Michelle

So Little Miss made her First Communion last Saturday, and she was gorgeous.  It isn’t that she isn’t always beautiful, but this was the gorgeous in the dressed up all fancy so you say “wow” kind of gorgeous.  In fact, when my dad arrived, he asked where she was – in all seriousness – because he didn’t recognize his own granddaughter who he sees three or so times a week when she was standing right with us.

Dressed up Little Miss

That said, I’m not sure she’s ready to commit her life to a nunnery.  It just isn’t her, and that’s ok.  We joke that Mister Man is Father Mister Man because he takes religion so seriously and loves it and so enjoys being an altar boy and more.  Her?  Not so much.

Little Miss ready for her First Communion

Each child making First Communion was to create a banner at the last retreat that would hang on the assigned pew.  The banner was to represent how they felt about making their First Communion.  Apparently Little Miss didn’t get that message.

Irreverent First Communion banner

When I first saw her banner, we were already at the church the night before for rehearsal.  It was a little late for me to do anything about it, but I asked if she noticed that it was upsidedown.  Yeah, she said, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention to which end was up. (Now there’s the story of her life!)  I nodded.  She continued, So those are fangs on the cup are the evil wine cup that’s going to attack the church.  And the grapes have been possessed by a bad ghost, and it’s teaming up with the evil wine cup to-” I cut her off there.

I sighed and asked if she knew what the banner was supposed to be for.  She didn’t, apparently.  Somehow, that completely escaped her.  So while other kids have bibles they’ve made and banners where they’ve written a favorite verse and other appropriate things, Little Miss is once again her own unique self.

The good news is that the ceremony itself was beautiful.  Everyone had the appropriate amount of reverence and respect, including Little Miss, who later admitted that she was excited to make her First Communion and happy that she can now join the rest of the family in taking the Host and wine.

Little Miss taking communion for the first time

That said, the second we arrived  back at our house for the party, she started itching at her legs and asking when she could take off her dress.  I told her she was fine to do so immediately, but my mom insisted that she stay in her finery so that my cousins could see her.  As soon as she was released from her obligation to wear the white dress and veil, however, she returned to her natural habitat.

Hanging like a tomboy

Oh this girl is going to go far….

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  • tracey

    I hear ya, girly. I was that kid in CCD classes who always had an argument and didn’t get the idea of just believing because it was written. She was STUNNING Michelle, and is looking more and more like you. Love the last shot best, though.

    • Michelle

      Oh she just doesn’t want to go. It’s so interesting to see the difference in the two children with regards to religion. It’s important to me that they learn it, are exposed to it, and make an educated choice as they get older, but oh this is fun. Thanks for the compliments about her. She’s a cutie!

  • Shannon

    Congrats to her! She looks a lot like you, especially in the last shot, and I mean that as a compliment to you both.

    • Michelle

      I’m not quite sure how to take it. She’s ummm special looking in that last photo 😉 But yeah she really looks like me. You look at photos of me as a kid, and it’s eerie.

  • Not a Perfect Mom

    Congrats to her! I loved making my FC, the veil was the best…but I was a girly girl…
    And I love her sign…showing her personality all the way….much better than all the Bibles and verses…ha!

    • Michelle

      Oddly, I don’t remember my First Communion at all. I remember studying for it leading up to it but not the day itself. Go figure. She SO has personality – as you can clearly see!

  • Pat

    Little Miss does look stunning in her white dress and with her hair pulled back. I chuckled through this post and then laughed out loud at the last pic of her chillin’ on the patio chair in her shades, shirt and shorts.

    • Michelle

      Oh trust me, I did the same living it, writing it, and reading it again 🙂 She’s a hoot.

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