Thank You, Teachers

December 17, 2012 by Michelle

I have debated long and hard about what to post today.   It hasn’t been easy, as I don’t want to simply stay silent.  I have far too much to say, but much of it isn’t what I necessarily want to say on my blog.  Finding #ThankATeacher was the perfect solution.

I have so much to be grateful for with our teachers, not just this year but in previous years.  It isn’t just the classroom teachers, but everyone in the schools that come into contact with my children.  I am blessed, and I know it.  I thank our teachers regularly, but right now they deserve a little something extra.  I don’t envy them their jobs, especially not today.

At our school, every teacher had a conversation with students about the tragedy.  It wasn’t a decision made lightly, and I can guarantee it will be controversial.  I’ve seen the game of telephone, however, and this is not the kind of news that should ever be subjected to that kind of misinformation and hearsay.  I support their decision, difficult as it must have been.  And for the teachers who had to lead these discussions and then continue with a “normal” day filled with learning and love, thank you.


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  • Sandra

    So well said, Michelle. We have awesome teachers–no doubt about that. We have an exceptional school that really, truly cares about the well-being of our children. I feel like we cannot thank them enough. I think that the school’s conversations with the kids were very meaningful and helpful. I know the children feel supported and safe at school, which really means a lot.

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