The Official Brat Trophy

March 21, 2013 by Michelle

Birthdays are big deals in my family.  Growing up, my husband didn’t really have parties, and his mom apparently didn’t even make or get him a cake every year, but we celebrate not only birthday with homemade cakes and parties (and more cake) but half birthdays, too.  And that comes from my experience growing up.

This week, Amiyrah Martin from 4 Hats and Frugal asks the #VlogMom question (because it was her birthday on Monday!) this week, and I love it.  I had to really think hard because all those birthday parties my parents spent time and money and heartache on to make sure they were perfect for me?  Well, I don’t remember that many of them.

Except on that stands out in memory, although it isn’t a proud moment in my life.  Again, having no shame is a good thing sometimes, right?

So what is your most memorable birthday experience?  You have to have something better than my trophy, right?

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  • Tami

    I have never heard of half birthdays. That is sad that your hubby didn’t get a cake on his bday. =( I love birthday celebrations!

    • Michelle

      Half birthdays are apparently not the most common thing. But it’s a fun tradition we have in our house. Even though my husband thinks I’m nuts 🙂

  • Pat

    I was laughing out loud by the end of this video, Michelle. Thanks for the chuckles! I remember two of my childhood birthday parties. One was for my 7th birthday when I was in first grade. One of the gifts I received was Klik-Klak Blocks and I thought it was the coolest toy ever. I played with it and kept it for a long, long time. The other memorable birthday was my 12th when I was in 6th grade…1960. My mom let me invite 3 friends to go roller skating with me at Harry’s Roller Rink for my birthday. That was my first not-held-at-my-house birthday party. All the home birthday parties my mom organized included Pin The Tail on the Donkey and Drop the Clothespin into the Milk Bottle, cake and ice cream and little paper cups with nuts and raisins in them. Times were simpler then.

    • Michelle

      Oh I LOVE Klik-Klak Blocks. Still. My friends and I would play with them for hours and hours. Times were much simpler, and I think people had fun more in some ways. But… people keep telling me you can’t go back.

  • Amiyrah

    Hahahaha! I was giggling when you started the story but was laughing out loud by the end. It sounds like something my daughter will probably do at her 5th birthday party. She’s the queen of fit-pitching. Loved your story!

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Amiyrah. It’s one of those shameful but I’ll still share it because I am NOT like that anymore (right?) stories. And it makes me giggle, too. And feel sorry for my parents.

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