I am a huge football fan to begin with.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that already.  And you’ve figured out that I love to entertain and cook, too, right?  Unless you live under a rock, you know that there’s a certain “big game” coming up this Sunday.  No shocker here, I will be partying it up.

This is the first year in well over a decade that I won’t be hosting my own party.  Since we got rid of cable in April, we have only over the air television, and while CBS comes in great, I refuse to risk a huge ice storm or something killing our reception and ruining everyone’s night.  Instead, I’m headed to a friend’s house, and I’m bringing along all sorts of goodies.

I shared on Google+ my new love for the Walgreens mobile app, and I’m prepping for a last minute run to Walgreens on Sunday as we’re driving to my friend’s house.  It’s on my way – and isn’t there always a Walgreens on the way? – and that way, I won’t forget anything at home as long as I follow the list I’ve created on the mobile app.

Shopping list for the Big Game #CBias

Another cool feature that I discovered with the Walgreens mobile app is that it includes a store map for items you’ve put on your shopping list from their ads or scanned via barcode.  If you don’t know where they keep a particular item like paper plates or the aspirin, simply pull up the map, and it will show you exactly where in the store you can find it.  I think that’s one of the most brilliant innovations in a mobile app I’ve seen.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in a store searching for an item that I can’t find.  This is such a huge time saver!

Map of item location from Walgreens mobile app

I know what I’m going to bring, and most of the shopping I’ll do ahead of time because they are items I have to cook.  I’m making my guacamole and bagel dogs, of course, because they’re a required standard now.  I’m also bringing my buffalo chicken dip, which I shopped for at Walgreens already.  Come Sunday afternoon, it’s all those last minute items and the ones I forgot somehow that I’ll be picking up at Walgreens.

Bagel dogs for the big game #CBias

I’m also in charge of drinks.  Rather than buying my pop now and then leaving it at home when we head out to our party – and yes, I’ve been known to do that – I’m going to buy it that day on my way there.  Fortunately Walgreens has a huge selection of pop.  I may actually let the wee ones choose what they think everyone would most like.

Plenty of pop for the big game #CBias

I’m also in charge of bringing some of the alcohol.  I noticed when going through the Walgreens ads that Skinny Girl wines are on sale.  I scouted them out while I was shopping for some other items at Walgreens, and I found the most gorgeous display.  I’ll admit that I came down the wrong way on the wine aisle and couldn’t find any Skinny Girl at all with the wines, which frustrated me until I saw the end cap display.  I know this will go over well.

Skinny Girl wine end cap at Walgreens #CBias

It sort of makes me giggle that they have the corkscrews here, too, but it’s a good reminder just in case.  And I’ve been on the wrong end of that just in case more than once.  When I was checking out the display, I noticed a $10 rebate offer.  Wouldn’t you know, if I buy wine and beer, I get a $10 rebate.  Since I was already planning to buy beer, this is perfect.  Just one more thing to grab when I make my quick Walgreens stop on Sunday.  Since beer is kept in the cooler, I know I’m set!

Buy Skinny Girl wine and Michelob beer and get a $10 Walgreens rebate

And speaking of keeping things cool, the other last minute item I know I’ll have to buy at Walgreens is ice.  Every party needs bags of ice, and you can’t buy them ahead of time.  Even in winter, I can’t usually let them sit outside because the sun will partially melt them or it will rain or something.  I just have to hope that not everyone has the same idea as me so that all the ice bags will be gone by the time I pick mine up!

Bags of ice for the Big Game from Walgreens #CBias

I know there will probably be something else I forget, but I’m pretty sure Walgreens will have me covered so that I only have to make one stop.  Whenever I go to a party like this, I always call just before I’m leaving to see if there’s anything else they need.   I can quickly pick up some more chips and dip or some nuts to snack on or some of the Nice! frozen appetizers that are conveniently also on sale this week.  I’ve already checked those out, too – and shhh I bought some mozzarella sticks for me to “test out” just to make sure they’re fit for the big game on Sunday.

Selection of Nice! appetizers in the Walgreens coolerI have to say that I’m feeling pretty confident about Sunday.  I won’t forget anything, and even though the party isn’t at my house, I’ll be providing my touches that make it feel like I’m at home.  I’m just looking forward to hanging out with all my friends and overeating.  Oh yeah… and that football game.

I love that there are always good sales and such happening at Walgreens (and, granted, other stores).  It’s become a whole lot easier to track them at Walgreens and make sure I’m buying items I don’t want to miss when they’re on special – like the Debrox I bought for the wee ones – thanks to Walgreens new(ish) Balance Rewards program.  I’m well on my way to earning enough points for discounts on a future purchase, and using my card gets me discounts on select items in the store now – plus there are bonus point items all over, like the 1,000 points on the ZzzQuil I also bought to see if that would help me sleep through the night.  Walgreens seems to have it all, whether I’m picking up items on my list or grabbing last minute items.  It’s definitely my #HappyHealthy place.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Walgreens.  That said, all opinions remain my own. #cbias #SocialFabric

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  • Melissa Lawler

    I love Walgreens. They have everything I need for a party!

    • Michelle

      I’m with you! I hadn’t really SHOPPED Walgreen’s for awhile, but I was amazed by what I found!

  • Alicia

    It looks like Walgreens has everything you need to pick up before the party! Those bagel dogs look yummy:)

    • Michelle

      They definitely did! And OH the bagel dogs are always good. It’s our go to party food – makes adults and kids happy 🙂

  • Sean

    Hey! Look at that. You have skinny girl in your Walgreens!

    • Michelle

      We do have Skinny Girl. I have to admit I was sort of surprised!

  • Emmi

    How cool! I didn’t know there was a map! I really must download this app!

    • Michelle

      I know! I haven’t seen stores that have maps in their apps prior to this, and I adore it. You don’t want to know how often I’ve wandered through an unfamiliar Costco that is “set up backwards” trying to find something. That would be a huge help. Slight word of warning that not all items are accurate, as I discovered!

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