And They Grew Again….

December 17, 2012 by Michelle

I was so proud of myself in August as I went through the wee ones’ closets and did our biannual “fashion show” to determine what did and did not fit.  I had two Christmas dresses for Little Miss, and Mister Man was well set in his dress pants and outfits for him to wear at Christmas and to church during the winter.  When we went to go take Christmas card pictures, I realized we had a problem.

Pants are floods #CBias

My children had grown.  Again.  Little Miss’s dresses didn’t fit her either.  Fortunately, Cookie’s Kids Department store has all sorts of great kids’ clothes at really reasonable prices.  #CBias sent me to their online store – they have seven physical locations in the NYC areas of the Bronx, Brooklyn and Jamaica – to see what winter fashions I could find.

I wrote about the fun I had on their site shopping and shared a google+ album filled with my favorites from the shopping trip.  I was only had to spend $30 there, but I couldn’t decide on just one thing.  There were far too many choices, even after I narrowed down a few and removed them from my cart.  I ended up spending $60 instead, but I’m ok with that.  In my mind, this is an awesome haul for $60.  And the wee ones now have appropriate outfits for Christmas and beyond.

Three outfits for Little Miss from #CookiesKids


Cookie's Kids boy dress outfits

Personally, I was thrilled to find that Cookie’s Kids had kids fashions that weren’t too old for them or tarty looking.  That is the biggest challenge for me when trying to find clothing for Little Miss.  I really appreciate stores that find and carry items that have great kids’ style without being at all inappropriate.  There were a lot of great items for kids from infants through young men, including husky sizes, which means this will be a site I’ll be visiting for years to come – especially with the flat $5.95 shipping.

As soon as the package with our order from Cookie’s Kids arrived, I sent the wee ones up for a fashion show to ensure that everything fit.  I was pretty sure they would, though.  Why?  Because there is a really cool Alva Kids feature on the site that allows you to put in your child’s height and weight and body type, which then tells you exactly what size you need in a specific product you’re interested in purchasing.  I used it for every single item I looked at – and it told me that there were a few that wouldn’t fit Little Miss, which kept me from buying items I would later regret.  I wish all sites had something half so cool.  This is way better than a sizing chart, I think!

Alva Kids better than a sizing chart on Cookie's Kids #CBias

I was most interested in dress pants for Mister Man.  He has a few nice shirts that he can wear, but when I saw the suggestions for a dress shirt and clip on tie combination for $7.99 when I was choosing my dress pants, I couldn’t resist.  They had great colors for the shirt and tie, and I also found two flat front pants in great colors for $9.99.  When Mister Man came out with them on, I was really impressed by how sharp he looked.

Mister Man loves his new outfit #Cbias

The shirt goes better with the first set of pants, but we have other shirts we’ll be using regularly with the second pair.  Interestingly, when he got dressed for church yesterday, he immediately pulled out these pants because he was so excited to wear them.  That is a good sign in my book!  (And nope, no pictures of the wee ones together.  I learned – again – while attempting to take photos for the Christmas cards that it is physically impossible to have a good picture of both wee ones at the same time.)

Mister Man looks so grown up in his Cookie's Kids pants

One of the things that made me most excited about these pants is that they came with a belt.  Mister Man recently outgrew the belts that we bought him in *cough* kindergarten (he’s in third grade now), so he’s been going without lately and has even been asking for a new belt.  I loved that these pants solved that problem.  That said, I was disappointed by the size of the belt that came with these pants.  I had to help Mister Man with it, as the belt barely fits on the loosest notch.  Even when I do up the belt without him wearing it, I could see where it puckered part of the pants because it is a size too small.  I would have loved to see a larger belt come with these pants, but that won’t stop us from wearing the pants – or the belt – until he outgrows them.  There were other dress pants options on the #CookiesKids site, and in the future, I would try out one of those – most of which also include belts with the dress pants.

Cookie's Kids belted pants

Getting Little Miss to try on her new outfits was more of a challenge.  She is about the least girlie girl I know, and I’m good with that. She never wears dresses or skirts if she can avoid it, so I promised her she could wear the purple pants if she tried on the dresses first.  She agreed, and she was glad she did.  She actually really liked the dresses I bought for her, and wow I have a lot of dresses to choose from on the Cookie’s site..  She decided the one with pink stripes and a built-in necklace is “sassy” and she liked the grey dress with the bubble skirt, as well, because it wasn’t too frilly and was comfortable.  In fact, the comfort in wearing the dresses surprised her – the material wasn’t at all scratchy – and she decided that she would wear them without complaining – a big feat in our house.

Cookies Kids dress for Little Miss #Cbias

In fact, she voluntarily chose the pink striped dress to wear to church yesterday with no urging from me.  She’s worn a dress to church before only on Christmas Eve and Easter.  I’m still in a little bit of shock.  I shouldn’t be, however.  When I went back to the Cookie’s site, that dress is no longer available, so it must have been popular!

Little Miss loves her new dress #Cbias

Next up for her were the purple skinny pants with the awesome wide belt.  I knew those would be a hit since purple is her favorite color.  And they’re pants.  I was a little concerned about the fit because she’s so tall and skinny, but the Alva Kids sizer had reassured me that they work.  Apparently adjustable waist pants get much less common as children grow.  While the pants were a little loose at the waist, we could tighten the belt enough that they would stay up and look great.

Little Miss being Little Miss, she came down wearing a non-matching outfit – because that’s just not a priority for her.  She was so proud to show me her pants, though.  And she loved the wide belt as an accent piece.

Love the wide belt on the pants, not the color combo though #CookiesKids

So yes, the Cookie’s Kids shopping experience was a complete win for me – and the wee ones.  Everything fit, and we now know what we’re wearing for Christmas this year, which is a weight off my mind.  I even convinced Little Miss to change into something that matches….

Purple Skinny Pants from #Cookieskids #Cbias

I wish that I had heard about Cookie’s Kids earlier.  This is our first year without having uniforms for Mister Man, and Cookie’s has a great selection of school uniforms – which was originally all that was sold on the site – at really reasonable prices.  With the frequency with which our white polos were ruined (even though we only wore them on Wednesdays for Mass) and knees were ripped in pants, this would have been a great site to use.  Needless to say, I’ve shared it with my friends who are still at the Catholic school!

That said, this is my new favorite site for the wee ones.   I love knowing that I’m getting the right size by using the Alva Kids sizing tool – especially since the wee ones refuse to go with me to stores to try on and buy clothing.  The selection is continually changing, too.  Even in the time I’ve ordered until now, I can see so many new items that weren’t there before, and all at great prices.

If you’re still looking for your holiday outfit, it isn’t too late.  You can check the holiday shipping cutoff to ensure it will be there in time.  And I have a bonus for you.  Save on your order by using the code honestandtruly to save 10% sitewide through 12/21/12.

I love how there are so many different options available that will allow you child to express his own, personal kid style.  Have you fallen in love, too?  You can follow Cookie’s Kids on Twitter and Facebook for updates and more.

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  • Sandra

    Don’t you both LOVE and HATE that the kids grow?! That first pic says it all. I adore Little Miss in her first dress–what a little lady! And Mister Man’s “grownup” outfit makes him very dashing!

    (I think it’s funny you make me do mental math each time I leave a comment. I’m just waiting the day that I make a mistake. Sometimes I cannot tell my left from right. BTW, thank you for your beautiful holiday card–LOVE the pictures. Mine all went out TODAY. Super late this year.)

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