They Know Themselves So Well

May 22, 2011 by Michelle

We recently went to visit some friends of mine who had twin babies. This was the first time the wee ones were able to meet the babies, and they were fascinated by them. They looked and peered at them in amazement, not believing that they could ever have been that small once.

Little Miss eventually got up enough courage to touch one of the babies’ feet gingerly, but that was the extent of it. Mister Man was thrilled to know that he had lucked out and missed the opportunity to “assist” with a diaper change.

As we were getting ready to leave later in the afternoon, I asked the wee ones if they wanted a little brother or sister.

No! they both exclaimed at virtually the same time.

Really? I asked, somewhat curious and also amused. Why don’t you want a baby brother or sister.

Because they don’t know how to use the bathroom, Mister Man stated firmly, his eyes as wide as saucers.

And babies can’t do very much, Little Miss added.

Oh, I see. And you like to do fun things, right? I asked, hoping for some more insight.

Uh-huh, was the only answer from Mister Man.

Besides, Mommy. Babies sleep a lot, and it’s important to be quiet around them, Little Miss piped up.

Yeah, Mister Man agreed enthusiastically. And we’re really not very good at being quiet.

Point taken. Not that there was the possibility of them having another sibling, but the logic of it all is perfect, I think.

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  • Susie

    They are wise beyond their years:-)

  • Heather E

    hahahah. well at least you know where THEY stand! 😉 sorry i've been MIA– there has been a ton going on but i'm going to catch up right now 🙂

  • Michelle

    Susie – They're something all right. Now if only they could remember this quiet thing at about 6:30am!

    Heather – Oh, I stand in the same place. It's all good 🙂

  • Pat

    LM and MM are some sharp cookies! The gears are always turning. I've said it before, but I'll say it again…your children are just adorable.

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