They’re Related How Again?

October 25, 2010 by Michelle

I wrote recently about – and included video of – Mister Man Mister Man’s love of the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz.

Last night, Mister Man was singing his new favorite song, which was news to my husband.

Fire! I’m gonna light it up. Fire, gonna make it hot. Fire! (which aren’t the exact lyrics but as close to it as he gets)

So what song is that, Mister Man? my husband asked.

That’s “Fire”, he replied.

Oh, is that your new favorite song?

No, it’s my third favorite song though, Daddy!

Ahhhh. Who sings that song? inquired my husband.

That’s Taylor Swift (ummm it’s not, but that’s ok) who sings it. Did you know that she’s related to Taylor Cruz who sings Dynamite?

Really, she is? my husband asked with raised eyebrows.

Yep, Taylor Cruz and Taylor Swift are cousins. Isn’t that so cool that my favorite songs are by people who are cousins?

Ummm yeah, kiddo. It’s super neat. It might be news to Taio Cruz and Taylor Swift that they’re related though. Oh, and it might be news to Taylor Swift that she sings that song, too.


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  • Debbie

    You just have to love how their little minds work!

  • NYCPatty

    Just precious! LOL!

  • Unknown Mami

    His version of things is far more interesting.

  • Michelle

    Debbie – I absolutely do. He's trying SO hard to be grown up….

    Patty – Isn't it? I love how he's thinking it through though.

    Unknown Mami – Isn't it? I think it would be kinda cool if they really were related; think we could start that rumor?

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