Time For A Wardrobe Update

January 31, 2013 by Michelle

I’m not a huge shopper.  I’m sure this comes as a shock to you, but believe it or not, I have a wardrobe that I tend to wear year after year because I like it and it’s comfortable.  I definitely add pieces here and there, but unlike some of my friends who literally replace their wardrobes every year or two, I hold onto my clothes – perhaps in a vain hope that they’ll one day again be stylish?

This week, Heather from Cafe Smom asks the #VlogMom question:

What is the oldest article of clothing in your closet? How long has it been there and why will you never get rid of it/still have it?

I went digging into my closet, and … it wasn’t pretty.  I found some pretty special dinosaurs in there, but you’ll have to watch the vlog to see what I discovered from 1990.  Did I mention that I still wear it sometimes?

Do you have relics in your closet?  What do you do with them, and what are some of the stories behind them?  But most importantly, what is the one thing I should add to my closet this year?

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  • Shannon

    My oldest item is a sorts sweatshirt, too! I still have the sweatshirt that I bought at my basketball team’s state tournament, and I still wear it around the house, too. Aside from the nostalgic items, I get rid of stuff that I don’t wear anymore.
    Great Vlog!

    • Michelle

      I’m impressed that you get rid of everything except for those nostalgic items. I need to be better about that (see the post after this one!), but it’s so easy to just ignore the items I should get rid of. And thanks!

  • Jen @ BigBinder

    My college sweatshirt… I graduated in 1993. It has holes in it and I will never, ever get rid of it. I hope to pass it on to my children someday.

    • Michelle

      I’m with you! I remember a friend of mine who had her dad’s college sweatshirt. It was frayed at the hems and cuffs, but it meant so much to her to have it. I will admit that it will be hard for me to give the sweatshirts up though…

  • Tiaras & Tantrums

    sadly, I cleaned out my closet this year – BECAUSE I am not longer a size 2 or a size 4! My former body is long gone! The oldest thing in my closet right now is my wedding dress

    • Michelle

      You aren’t a size 2 or 4? Get out. You’re tiny! I’m with you that the wedding dress has to stick in our closets forever!

  • Windy City Mama

    I have some vintage pieces so there are items in my closet older than me! Of the clothing I bought retail, I would have to say a pair of scrubs from high school. I wore them once on a quick errand and totally wiped out. The have a big ol whole on the knew of the pants. I still wear them (indoors). I need to trash them. It’s kind of ridiculous that is still have them over 20 years later.

    • Michelle

      The vintage pieces don’t count… sorta. Yes, if your scrubs have a huge hole and such, you need to get rid of them *20* *years* *later* – silly! 🙂

  • Pat

    The oldest (whose purchase year I know for certain) item in my closet is a dressy dress that I bought in the summer of 1991 for my 25th high school reunion. I still love it. I’ve taken the large shoulder pads out of it and shortened it (though that can be reversed). It is a sheer, swirly rose-covered dress with fluttery short sleeves and has a black slip-like polyester lining. I just wore it to church a couple of weeks ago, along with a short black jacket with gathering in the back, and I still got compliments on it. That motivates me to keep it! Normally I go through my wardrobe at least once a year and get rid of stuff that I haven’t worn in two years or more. We have a thrift store not far away and they are happy to take all my old clothes.

    • Michelle

      I love that you can wear your dress from 1991 and that you can change it so that it still works today. I love that you get compliments on it, too! I need to do better about getting everything I haven’t worn in two years OUT of my closet!

  • Debbie

    Michelle – too funny that this is your topic this week. There is a new show on ABC that is called Carrie. It is about the Carrie Bradshaw character from Sex In The City, but set when she is in high school in the 80’s. Arden was watching it with me and we were marveling at how great and how hideous some of the outfits were. When she went to do her homework, I dug out a dress from 1989 and put it on to show her. It is a beautiful black velvet formal winter dress with huge (!!) emerald green silk poufs at the shoulders. I still loved it! And it still fits! It is definitely the oldest item in my closet, and is a symbol of an era. I will never give it up. Got rid of all my old management consulting suits a couple of years ago though!

    • Michelle

      I haven’t seen that show – or even heard of it, sadly – but it sounds perfect. I LOVE that you have that dress. I remember all mine from that time that had the huge bows and poofs and everything. I definitely don’t have any of those anymore though.

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