When working hard, Tom's of Maine provides long lasting all natural deodorant protection to keep you #NaturallyFresh #shop

Tom’s Of Maine Is My Moving Buddy

June 26, 2014 by Michelle

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If you haven’t figured out yet that we’re in the process of moving, I have a newsflash for you. Although we hired movers to take the furniture from one place to another, we’re the ones who are hauling all the boxes and unpacking and organizing it all. In Chicago. In June weather that feels more like mid-August. Not surprisingly, a long-lasting deodorant is fairly critical right now.

I’m fairly picky in all my personal care products. I read the labels on everything I buy, and there are plenty of ingredients I simply don’t use. When it comes to deodorant and antiperspirant, finding products using natural ingredients is a must. And although aluminum is technically a natural ingredient, from all the research I’ve done, it doesn’t belong on my body where it is absorbed. Needless to say, that’s a big reason why I’ve been a Tom’s of Maine customer for a long time.

Right now, I’m grateful for that for so many reasons – and I’m pretty sure the friends and family helping me move are pretty happy I’m using Tom’s deodorant, as well. Why?

When working hard, Tom's of Maine provides long lasting all natural deodorant protection to keep you #NaturallyFresh #shop

This is what the majority of my house looks like. Or looked like. We have a basement and a second story, and there are boxes that I don’t remember being quite this heavy that need to be lugged all over. I’m lucky that I have friends and family who have volunteered to help, but the last thing I want to do is scare them off by being sweaty and smelly. Plus, the wee ones still have their regularly scheduled activities, which means I have to leave the house and enter the normal world when I take a break from unpacking.

Moving is not glamorous. It’s a job where I don’t put on makeup or anything more than a t-shirt and shorts, knowing they’ll both get filthy by the end of the day. I pull my hair back in a ponytail, and the extent of my grooming. Except of course for brushing my teeth and applying that Tom’s deodorant.

Having natural personal care products – really, natural just about everything from cleaning to food – is really important to me, partly because I am extremely sensitive to scents and chemicals. They tend to give me headaches, which means I’m the one who’s holding her breath walking through the laundry detergent aisle searching out the natural, unscented soap. Generally, I go for the unscented deodorants, as well, but when I was picking up a new supply at Whole Foods the other day, I was intrigued by some of the flavors I hadn’t seen before.

Where to find Tom's of Maine at Whole Foods

Fresh apricot? Yum. And refreshing lemongrass? Knowing that Tom’s doesn’t use artificial fragrance (or preservatives, for that matter), I picked them up to give them a sniff to see if I’d be able to handle the scents. Artificial fragrances are my nemesis, but these were delightful. I literally sat there smelling the two of them long enough that a kind Whole Foods employee stopped to ask if I needed any help. I may have taken a moment or two to enjoy the scent this morning, too. Maybe. I take joy in this because I can so rarely enjoy scented products.

Enjoying the scent of Tom's of Maine lemongrass deodorant

While the scent wears away over time, I am currently wearing the refreshing lemongrass scent, and even after six plus hours of carrying and lifting heavy boxes, I can still smell a faint scent of the lemongrass – and more importantly nothing else. My husband who constantly tries to snuggle up to me while we’re unpacking is exceedingly grateful that I smell like nothing else.

Because after six hours, our house isn’t perfect yet. It’s definitely a work in progress, but we’re making progress – and I’m still feeling #FreshNaturally. My foyer is emptied of boxes and set up. My dining room is starting to look the way I want it to. And my drawer filled with storage containers? It’s beautiful. It’s organized. And I fully recognize that it may never look this way again.

Working hard, it's amazing the progress you can make unpacking a house

But I’m in my zen place. I’m happy knowing that my natural personal care products work. Tom’s of Maine lists not just the ingredients in their deodorant but also shares what each ingredient does and why it’s there and where it’s sourced. How many products in your house can do that?  Just as critical, no matter what the test I put Tom’s deodorant to – and moving in a Chicago summer is certainly a test! – I feel #FreshNaturally, and that’s important to me because when I walk down to the farmer’s market in town in a few minutes after hours of unpacking, no one is going to throw me strange looks or edge away from me.

And in the meantime, everyone else is settling in at home where this house is finally starting to feel like a home. And that? That is what makes my heart sing. Just don’t ask to look at any of the bedrooms yet. We’re still working on those. Tomorrow.

Everyone's napping after their hard work!

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  • Danielle

    I could have used a stick of Tom’s of Maine while I was packing! Now the unpacking requires it too. #client

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