Granted, I just checked the thermometer in my kitchen, and it’s only 60 degrees outside right now on the Fourth of July in Chicago.  We’re having an odd summer here this year, but last year was just as odd – in the opposite direction.  Last year, it was well into the 90s with no clouds, no breeze, and a ton of humidity.  It was miserable.

At my uncle’s annual barbecue, even staying inside I couldn’t stay fully cooled off.  There was no way I could participate in the annual – shortened – wiffle ball game – and I can’t tell you how much water I drank.  No one was comfortable, but we all survived.  And I know there are definitely parts of the country right now that are not scratching their heads over 60 degree weather.

Personally, I don’t sweat, which makes the hot weather much more difficult to deal with (yes, it has its advantages, but not handling heat is a major issue).  Over the years, I’ve figured out all sorts of tips and tricks to stay cool.  So when the #VlogMom prompt was to post something related to the Fourth of July, my mind immediately jumped to my tips to surviving hot weather – whether (ha) you’re watching a parade, engaging in sports, or just hanging outside.

How do you survive a hot Fourth of July

These are just my top five tips, and I know there are other ways to stay cool – I love the little hand held fans that include a spray bottle.  What do you do to keep cool and comfy in hot weather?

Stay safe today, and have a happy Fourth!

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  • Pat

    I, too, put a wet dishtowel on my neck and drink lots of water. I, too, don’t perspire unless I’m outside in the full sun in 90 to 100 degree weather, leaning over painting house siding on our driveway for 8 straight hours. But normally I don’t perspire. I like your tip of freezing a water bottle half full on its side and then adding water to it–very clever!

    • Michelle

      I can’t claim the cleverness of the water bottle. My mom used to always do that when I was growing up and we were playing softball. It’s a nifty trick though, no?

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