Wait, I Don’t Get It….

February 7, 2011 by Michelle

Every month, the fifth graders from Little Miss’s school put together a newsletter with creative writing, interviews, polls, random factst, and the like. They also always incldue a page of jokes. Knowing how much Mister Man loves a good joke, I made sure to pull out that page this month and save it for him.

Yesterday, I was doing my best to clean everything I could before the hordes descended for my Super Bowl party. Mister Man, I pointed out. Did you realize that there’s a page of jokes for you just sitting next to your place at the table?

Cool! Thanks, Mom! he shouted enthusiastically.

I smiled from the kitchen where I was busily preparing food for the party, waiting to see his reaction from the grade school jokes – some of which were actually somewhat funny.

What’s your favorite homemade food? came the first joke a few seconds later.

I paused. I’d read through the jokes when the newsletter had first come home. Not only did I not remember the answer to that one, I didn’t remember the joke at all. I glanced at my husband who shrugged; he didn’t know the answer either.

I don’t know, Sweetie. What’s the answer? I asked curiously.

Mexican food! he stated, proudly.

Ummmm, Mister Man, that’s a teacher interview. The jokes are on the other side of the paper, I replied, doing my best to hold back the flood of giggles threatening to overtake me.

But hey – that’s proof that I read the newsletter cover to cover, right?

So what did the envelope say to the stamp?
Stick with me, Kid. We’re going places.



  • Megryansmom

    Bahhh, good one!

  • Tara R.

    Love the pix of Mister Man mugging for the camera.

    Cute joke!

  • Not a Perfect Mom

    at first I thought it some rascist joke had made it's way it…
    Phew…I feel better…
    and duh, like that would have happened…

  • getyourselfconnected

    I am in Massachusetts and the roofers are coming tomorrow to clear the roof of ice and snow. Just an unreal winter!

    Nice work here on the blog.

  • Susie


  • Michelle

    Megryansmom – That's my boy. At least I think I'm willing to claim him 😉

    Tara – Gotta love the mugging. Trying to get a normal pic of him is a challenge.

    Not A Perfect Mom – Oh! No, definitely not. I hadn't even thought of that part. No no no.

    Susie – It cracked me up… and my husband. I have to admit I'm a little concerned that he didn't get that it wasn't a joke though.

  • Anonymous

    OK I already knew the punchline to this one, but the write-up still made me laugh. 😉 JU

  • Michelle

    Jen – The downside of me telling you the stories before I post them. Glad you liked it anyway. Silly boy!

  • Pat

    Love it–kids' jokes! I recall ordering “My Favorite Book of Jokes” for my oldest son from Scholastic for my oldest son. He regaled us and his brothers with those jokes.

  • Michelle

    Pat – I've thought about getting a book like that for Mister Man, but … I would never have an hour go by without joke after joke. Maybe Christmas next year….

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