Cheap prices for the Walmart Family Mobile plans

Still Lovin’ The Walmart Cheap Wireless Plan

October 16, 2013 by Michelle


I’ve had a phone with one of the unlimited plans from Walmart since May.  It’s definitely one of the best wireless plans I’ve had for several reasons.  While I still have my “old” phone and plan for now – it’s cheaper for me to stay and finish my contract than cancel it and pay the fees – this is one cheap wireless plan that doesn’t feel cheap.

I love that the Walmart Family Mobile plan isn’t just the lowest rate plan out there; it’s also a constant where you know what you’re going to pay each month.  Even when you look at the box of the phone you buy when you start, it’s printed there for you to see with no surprises (though it’s actually gone down in price since June – how often do you see cell services lower their prices?).  It’s either $39.88 per month (on rollback) for unlimited talk, text, and web or $29.88 per month for unlimited talk and text.

Cheap prices for the Walmart Family Mobile plans

I love the fact that there are no surprises.  I know that (with taxes) I will pay $49.98 every single month.  Let’s compare that to the text I got from my “other” phone provider.

Out of minutes with days left on my current plan

So on the plus side, I get a text that tells me when I’m out of minutes.  On the down side, I have almost three full days to go before I get another set of minutes.  I thought I was being smart when I signed up for this plan. I opted for a cheaper plan that gave me a limited number of minutes, as I don’t usually go over.  Some months, I come close and have to curtail my phone usage and some months I have to go over because there are too many things going on that require me talking on the phone from negotiating my home sale to PTO issues and more.

I immediately texted my husband to warn him about us being out of minutes, but since we don’t have a home phone, we can only limit our minutes after that point.  We can’t simply stop using our phones.  Those two and a half days meant that every minute we used our phones, we spent an additional $0.53 when you include the taxes and fees.  Ouch.  And we were inconvenienced each time we couldn’t make a phone call we wanted to or had to cut short a conversation we would have like to have continued.  You don’t want to know what our bill ended up being this month.

The fact that the Walmart Family Mobile plan offers cost certainty because it’s unlimited talk, text, and web (or talk and text if you get the $29.88 plan without data) is a huge win.  Those are the little things that make a big difference to me and why I won’t be retaining my current contract once it ends.  This one was too easy to shop for and sign up with, not to mention keeping my spending in check.

While the plans are cheap, they are still packed with features.  Obviously, there are unlimited minutes and texting plans.  There is also the same quality online account management that I expect from my cell phone provider.  And the parental controls are phenomenal.  I love how I can limit all sorts of features based on my preferences.  And yes, our phone is set so that the wee ones can’t accidentally happen upon any objectionable content.  I really care about that.

Should I talk about the fact that Walmart Family Mobile is the lowest price rate plan, too?  I made a chart that shows the savings compared to my current plan to demonstrate how much I’ll save over the course of a year.

Savings of $660 per year with Walmart family Mobile

Do you know what I can do with $660 extra dollars in my pocket every year?  That means a lot to me.

It means that when I’m grocery shopping and Little Miss asks if she can have avocados or fresh pineapple, I don’t have to go check the price to see if it’s on sale or not.  It’s just an automatic yes, and I hate having to hesitate encouraging good choices, but I need to make smart money decisions.  It means that I can have fish more often.  I like cooking fish, and the wee ones love eating it.  Right now, I wait until a fish we like goes on sale before buying it.  Knowing I have $660 extra dollars means that the salmon may not be on sale for $5.99 per pound, but I can buy it anyway and not feel a pinch.

Fish counter at the grocery store

Those salmon steaks look good, don’t they?

It means that I can save to buy a new phone that has all the latest technology and gadgets and gizmos and not feel guilty about it.  I’m a technophile, but I can’t afford to upgrade to the latest model every time it comes out.  So far, I’ve been the one who gets a phone with a new contract at a discounted rate and then holds onto it for the two year contract period before upgrading.  By then, my phone has gone through so much with me that I’m lucky if it still makes and receives calls.  I won’t be buying the latest and greatest constantly, but I’ll feel less guilty when I upgrade now, knowing that I’m paying for it through my savings on the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

Speaking of technology, I’m not the only one who uses and “needs” it.  I bought the wee ones each a Kindle recently (on sale of course) so that they could read and also so they could fit in.  We had a game day at school where they were literally the only children in their classes without a tablet to bring in.  Spending $350 on Kindles and accessories hurt my wallet, but it hurt a lot less knowing that this is six months of my Walmart Family Mobile savings, and I’m happy to spend that on the children I love.

Child playing Angry Birds on a Kindle

And Christmas is coming.  Think of the amazing toys I can buy for the wee ones (and my husband and parents and in-laws and more) with the $660 I’m saving each year.  While I’ll still stick to the three presents from Santa (Jesus got 3 presents; you will, too), they can be nicer than a book from the book fair.  I might splurge on a fancy spirit wear shirt from our PTO sale.  The $20 shirts are much more cool than the $12 shirts, but typically I just get the $12 shirts.  Someone is going to be happy when they see a green and white burnout tee under the Christmas tree!

So yeah, I’m happy with my Walmart Family Mobile plan.  Right now, it’s the best wireless plan for me.  I might not have tried it without the #FamilyMobileSaves campaign from #cbias, but I’m certainly glad that I did!  And the wee ones who have their first cell phone?  They’re pretty thrilled, too.



  • Stephanie

    Wow! over $600 in savings for switching! Sounds like it will be a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

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