Checking the clock to see how long before fitness class is over

Are We Done Yet?

February 10, 2014 by Michelle

I love my workout classes. I really do. Sometimes, however, I look forward to them ending. Maybe I’m tired or maybe I’m bored or I have something else I want to do that day. And so I keep an eye on the clock.

It’s hard to watch the clock because it’s in the back corner of our cavernous workout room. That said, I’ve gotten really good at spying the clock in the mirror at the right angle where I can now read the clock backwards and know the time. Because sometimes I just want to know if the class is flying by because I feel so good.

The challenge is that my classes don’t all start at the same time, and I tend to forget this. They’re all an hour long, but some start at 8:30 and others start at 9:45. So really, I tend to just look at the minute hand rather than paying attention to the hour hand. That’s all well and good until…

Checking the clock to see how long before fitness class is over


I see the clock, and it shows that we have just over ten minutes in the class, so eight or so minutes until we start cooldown. I can do another eight minutes, and I focus on the fact that I’ve done more than 45 minutes, more than three quarters of the class, and it may have dragged a bit but it wasn’t so bad.  And I’m almost done!

Inevitably, the clock sneaks to 25 after the hour, and that’s when I realize that I’m on the wrong day. I’ve forgotten that this class didn’t start until 9:45, which means we go until 10:45 and I am not almost done.  I start calculating what percent less of the class I’ve done than what I’d thought, and my energy is immediately gone.

I start staring at the clock every few minutes, trying to will myself not to, but unable to check to see how much time has elapsed and how much more time I have before we’re done.

That is the wrong attitude to have, and I know it. I try to stop myself from watching the clock entirely, but my willpower isn’t always that great. I know I’m having a great workout when I’m not tempted to check the clock once, and the days when I sneak a peek ten minutes in I know aren’t going to be good workouts for me.

Today? Today I made it about 4o minutes in before checking the first time, and I felt ok. I remembered that it was a 9:45 class, so I didn’t have a false sense of euphoria, which is really what kills me mentally when it gets deflated by reality. So maybe I need to focus on what day of the week it is, what class I’m in, what time it started, and figure that out before I check the clock the first time.

Or maybe I just need an all over attitude adjustment. Are you a clock watcher?

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