Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set with salad

Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set

June 19, 2015 by Michelle

I received a Wendell August Waterfall Salad Bowl set for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set

I am a sucker for beautiful serving pieces. I love to entertain in my home and have friends over, whether it’s for a simple cookie swap or a couples dinner or a family birthday party. Whenever I entertain, I love to have pieces that help convey the emotion of the occasion, something that’s beautiful and memorable – which may be part of why I have no storage space in my kitchen.

When I had the opportunity to peruse the Wendell August site to select an item for review, it was a challenge to decide what I most wanted. I love that the pieces are American made since 1923, and since they’re handcrafted, no two pieces are identical. Yep, these are old-fashioned pieces, though many have a quite modern look to them – just what I love.

So many of the products can be personalized, which makes them perfect gifts for so many occasions. I almost requested the Language of Baseball chip and dip set “for my husband” for Father’s Day that can be engraved on the back in a variety of fonts. Then I saw the Dogwood Essentials Kit with a serving tray and six coasters that would be perfect to take out on the back deck on a summer evening with friends. The Tracery Envelope Purse was my next favorite. Yes, that’s a real purse made of metal that is large enough to hold a phone and small accessories.

In the end, I settled on the gorgeous Waterfall Salad Set since Little Miss is requesting salads for dinner more and more often. I could use another salad bowl so I don’t have to do dishes quite so often (is that selfish?), plus it is wonderful for entertaining. I love its hidden simplicity. The large glass bowl rests inside an aluminum piece created by those artisans in the Wendell August workshop still using their original eight step process.

Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set display

The design of the aluminum piece adds a flair of elegance to the bowl, which makes it a great gift for any occasion. I would love to have received this as a wedding gift or anniversary gift. At the same time, the large glass bowl easily lifts out from the metal base to wash even in the dishwasher.

Wendell August Salad Set without the Waterfall base

It comes with the salad serving bowl in the metal base as well as four matching glass salad bowls. I love that it has accent pieces so that I don’t have to try to match my dishes to this piece for the salad course.

Little Miss, needless to say, couldn’t wait for us to make salad to enjoy in our new Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set. She chopped all the veggies and washed the lettuce for it while I prepped the cold cuts and made the dressing to top it. The salad bowl holds enough salad for four people for a salad course or two for an entree course. As I tend to eat my salads (with protein) as an entree, I wish the bowl had been just a touch bigger to accommodate more salad, but this just encourages me to enjoy more variety with my meal. The serving bowl itself is 9×9 inches at the top and 4 inches tall, which isn’t small.

Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set with salad

The wee ones and I enjoyed eating the salad out of the squared off bowls. They provided enough salad for an appetizer course, which of course means that Little Miss refilled her bowl twice while Mister Man ate the salad in his and then got on to the “rest” of his dinner. The glass bowls scream entertaining to me, and I can’t wait until our new garage is finally finished and we can again eat outside without construction dust everywhere. These will fit right in on the patio!

Enjoying salad from the Wendell August Waterfall salad set

The other use I love the Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set for is to use it to serve fruit. Especially in the summer, we go through fruit like water. In fact, I couldn’t get my blueberries and blackberries into the smaller bowls and my strawberries into the serving bowl before small people made off with the fruit in the smaller bowls. And trust me, I tried more than once. The glass of the bowl and the aluminum base really set off the bright colors of fresh fruit, and I know I’ll be bringing this to a potluck soon.

Enjoying strawberries in the Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set

In fact, this would make a perfect housewarming gift. I’d love to order a second Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set and fill the salad bowl with fresh fruit for a friend who is moving as a housewarming gift. When you first move in, getting fresh and healthy food is never your first priority, and I can only imagine how appreciated this would be.

The pounded metal of the Waterfall Salad Set is soothing and fresh at the same time. There are multiple pieces within the Waterfall collection that all have the same artisan pounded metal look in various uses. I can see the canape plate and 9 inch square tray and wine holder (yes a wine holder and it’s gorgeous!) and large square set and…. well, just about the entire 31 piece collection going on my gift wish list for birthdays and anniversaries and Christmas and more. Creating an entire tablescape with this collection would be absolutely stunning.

Best of all, all the pieces are so pretty that they’re essentially functional art. No storage space? That’s fine. The Wendell August Waterfall Salad Set (and other pieces) can simply be displayed throughout my house when not in use. Win win!

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I received a Wendell August product for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

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