What ARE They Teaching?

December 10, 2008 by Michelle

My husband is a public school teacher, and we’d always planned to send the wee ones to public schools. After seeing these antics, however, maybe I should consider homeschooling! It cracks me up.

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  • tchrbev

    Hmmm… I homeschool, and I have similar videos of my children.

    Of course, I am a product of the public schools…and I was a public school teacher… so maybe that is where it comes from.


    Cute video! Do you wish you had that kind of energy, or that you could just dance like that whenever you felt like it? (Maybe we should!)


  • J Cosmo Newbery

    Self interest of the teacher. The kids are knackered and all doss down for a sleep in the afternoon.

  • Cookie

    I think he taught this move to my son!

  • Nichole

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for leaving a comment!

    I’m not sure about the Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump, it sounds very South Dakotaish! I’ll have to look into that one. :o)

  • Michelle

    tchrbev – Yeah, I had a feeling it wasn’t just the teacher. It’s an innate tendency that will come out regardless, isn’t it? And yes, I could *so* use that energy!

    J Cosmo Newbery – You’d think so… except his class is the first age that doesn’t nap at all. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

    Cookie – It’s that whole long distance learning thing, right?

    Nichole – Of course! I hope you enjoyed your day. Definitely an interesting site! Especially the bus: Courtesy of the Head Smashed In Society. I’ve got a picture of it somewhere 🙂

  • Kellan

    Oh, how funny!!! I loved it!

    Take care – Kellan

  • Michelle

    Kellan – Thanks! It was one of those VERY rare times that I had a camera within reach when he spontaneously started doing something completely unexpected and funny! I should keep it with me more often, as you have no idea the things I’m missing (or maybe you do, after four children of your own!).

  • Karen

    He looks like a white boy with the rap. I’m just saying. 😉

  • Michelle

    Karen – The only good thing about that is that at least he comes by it honestly….

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