What Is The Value Of Education?

September 19, 2013 by Michelle

My family values education.  Both my parents have college degrees, and it was never a question of whether or not I’d go to college.  I attended Catholic school for most of my grammar school and then went to a quality public school before attending Northwestern University.  I married a schoolteacher.  Not surprisingly, I see the value in education.

Thoughts on the value of education

In our district, we tend to be high achieving.  Some families are perhaps too focused on being high achieving to the detriment of other parts of their lives.  I know families who have held their children back from kindergarten so they can get scholarships to college.  I know people who are involved in every sport and activity under the sun.  I know families who push their children to take as many advanced courses as possible, even if their children aren’t ready for them.

And I’ve seen the opposite where homework is never done.  I see the families who don’t value basic reading time.  I know families who push every failure and rejection onto the teacher, even for students who haven’t done a lick of work, and I feel sorry for the adults those children are going to become.

You’ve probably heard about the celebrity’s child who denounced education and thinks it’s not just a waste of time but actually making us less intelligent.  On the flip side, National Student Day that encourages children to do well in school and go on to college.  Two extremes, so which one is right – or is there a happy medium?  I love it when the #VlogMom prompt is so topical!

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