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August 9, 2008 by Michelle

Every family has their potty tricks. Some of them are designed, and some occur by accident (no pun intended — really). Ours are strictly accidental.

When Mister Man was potty training, we didn’t use candy or toys or physical bribes to get him to go or once he went. No, silly me, the first time he went on the potty, I sang to him. And no, I didn’t use a normal song, I made up a song. Doesn’t everyone?

(As a side note, we have songs for brushing our teeth, washing our hands, combing our hair and so on. And they’re all ones that I “made up” using existing tunes. Fortunately, the only one I still have to sing every time is the tooth brushing song, and they think it’s funny when I “mess up” the words, so we get some extra brushing in.)

So he goes on the potty for the first time, and I start to sing. And he thinks it’s the greatest song ever. And so I sing it every time he goes. And of course Daddy has to learn and sing the song, too. And the first time he poops on the potty, I change the words to the song to reflect that. And I soooo regret it. Especially since Mister Man remembers us doing that and insisted we do the same for Little Miss. Except that Mommy somehow conveniently forgot the words, so only Daddy has to do it. And only for poops.

When we were visiting at a friend’s house when Mister Man was new to the potty, he had to go while there. And he went poops. My friend volunteered to accompany me on his guitar. (This is the same friend who sans girlfriend at the time came to Mister Man’s first birthday party and was the entertainment, spending forty-five minutes singing kids songs on his guitar — gotta love him!) I tried to demur, but he wouldn’t have it.

Halfway through the song, he gave me a look and stopped playing, demanding to know if I actually had words for the entire song. Ummm yeah. I wasn’t smart enough to stop at the end of the first verse.

Ten points to the first person who can name the original song.

Ohhh, someone pee peed / poo-pooed on the potty, all the live long day
Someone pee peed / poo-pooed on the potty, just to pass the time away
Can you see the pee pee/poo poo streaming, turning the potty yellow/brown?
Can’t you hear the pee pee / poo poo splashing, go-o pee pee/poo poo, go!

Pee pee/poo poo won’t you go, pee pee / poo poo won’t you go, pee pee won’t you go in the potty?
Pee pee/poo poo won’t you go, pee pee / poo poo won’t you go, pee pee won’t you go in the potty?

Someone went pee pee on the potty, someone went pee pee I know-oh-oh-oh, someone went pee pee on the potty for the first/second/third/etc time today!

And he’s going pee pee on the potty, pee pee on the potty, pee pee on the potty — for the first time today.

Remind me that while song is wonderful and all, my talents do not lie in songwriting. Good blackmail, however, for once they start dating, I think.

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  • -Bridget

    If it will work, I’ll sing it. I’ll give it a whirl.

  • Megryansmom

    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad!

    ours was…

    Tinkle tinkle little pee
    aren’t you so proud of me?

    What we don’t do for our kids.

  • Mabunny

    I’ve been working on the Railroad!!!
    hahaha, thats hilarious!

  • anymommy

    Hilarious. I’ve had many potty disasters, but I did avoid a potty song.

  • Angela

    Oh my goodness, how funny. When I was a kid, we did twinkle (tinkle) little star. But I don’t remember one for any other potty moments, LOL!

  • Cookie

    That is funny!

  • The Broken Man

    The more I read people’s blogs, the more scared I am about having our baby! Do I really need to sing? I was thrown out of my primary school choir, I am so bad at singing….

    The Broken man


  • Michelle

    The song worked for Mister Man, but we still periodically have streaks in the underwear with Little Miss. Of course reminding her that they’ll send her home from St Marks if she doesn’t keep her underwear clean seems to be the motivator for her….

    Megryansmom – Good call! Ten points to you! At least you were smart enough to use a short song.

    Mabunny – You got it, too! Hilarious or moronic, you take your choice.

    Anymommy – Oh I’ve read about your potty disasters. The bread still half cracks me up, half grosses me out. I’ll take having to sing the songs every day for years if you can promise me I won’t find any “bread” myself though.

    Angela – Apparently Twinkle Twinkle was the logical song to choose. But that’s me — never go for logical when you can make more work for yourself 😉

    Cookie – Glad to hear it!

    Broken Man – Yes, singing is required. Fortunately, small children don’t have well developed eardrums so they don’t care HOW you sing, they just want more. Maybe practice with a dog first?

  • Angie's Spot

    OMG, I’m STILL laughing. And not laughing at you, because I make-up songs for everything too. However, I have not created a potty time song, so I might have to steal this one from you. LOL!

  • Michelle

    Angie – Good to know you aren’t laughing AT me at least. Feel free to steal it. Oh, and I realized tonight that I also have an “I’m hurt” song for Little Miss that I sing quietly to her whenever she needs comforting. Stops tears almost instantly so that I can find out what’s wrong and help her. Now THERE’S a useful song!

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