What Would You Do With $2,000?

July 12, 2012 by Michelle

I actually enjoy vlogging. You wouldn’t know it by how infrequently I vlog, but trust me, I do.  I’m part of a group of women now who vlog weekly on prompts suggested by the members.  This week the topic was suggested by Jessica from Found The Marbles.  She asks:

If you had $2,000 to spend on YOURSELF, where would you  go and what would you buy?

This was far tougher for me to answer than I thought it would be.  Would you believe that I spent four days thinking about my answer, not because I had so many ideas but because I couldn’t decide upon one.  So how would you spend $2,000?  Tell me below!

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  • Houseonahillorg

    if I had $2,000.00 I would pay for my son and I to go to our first trip abroad… we have passports and big dreams but no $$$!!!

    (No I would not pay off any of my debt in defiance, lol!)

  • Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

    A personal shopper/stylist is a great way to spend $2000!

  • Alissa | Clever Compass

    A personal shopper is a great way to spend the money. I'd love to see what they would do to my own closet.

    Welcome to #VlogMom!

  • Michelle

    Dwana – I love the big dreams. They're really important. So where abroad would you go?

    Jessica – I thought so. I'm tempted to do it someday. For real.

    Alissa – Tempting, isn't it? And thanks for the welcome! 🙂

  • Pat

    I think I'd do the wardrobe makeover thing, too. I have a similar dislike of shopping for clothes, mainly because it takes me way to long to find things I like.

    You did a great job with your vlog.

  • hillary

    a personal shopper is a great idea!


  • Michelle

    Pat – It's amazing how many people are in agreement on that one. Apparently we all just don't like shopping.

    Hillary – I thought so. I'm really tempted to go in search of that $2,000 and find me a personal shopper. Or just beg a friend 😉

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