Why I can't wait to see Maleficent - opening in theaters May 30

Why I Can’t Wait To See Maleficent

May 16, 2014 by Michelle

One of the really cool things about conferences and special events like the Disney Social Media Moms is the behind the scenes and sneak peeks you’re able to get. Yes, we pay our attendances fees, but we get some nifty extras once we’re there. For me, seeing an extended trailer of the upcoming movie Maleficent was one of my favorite parts. I absolutely adore the reinventing of classic fairy tales that is such a trend right now. I’m hooked on “Once Upon a Time” (though I don’t like the spinoff), and I’ve read so many books that are the reinventing of the tales, too. Maleficent continues this trend of showing that there is so much more to the story than we ever imagined.

Why I can't wait to see Maleficent - opening in theaters May 30

And I love getting all the back story. When we saw or read Sleeping Beauty, all we knew about Maleficent essentially, is that she is evil. She’s a bad fairy simply because… she’s bad. There’s no depth of character there, and the king and everyone in his kingdom are the good guys, of course. Life is never that simple, and Maleficent takes us to those nuances that will force us to reevaluate our extremes of black and white and start to imagine the greys that exists where we never thought they would or could – something that I hope continues to translate into our everyday lives, as well.

I haven’t seen the entire movie yet, and I won’t until it’s in theaters unless something happens to surprise me. It comes out on May 30, and I am counting down those two weeks from now until then. What we saw – the not even 10 minutes of the extended trailer – piqued my interest, but it still isn’t enough to give the story away. We saw the traditional scene where Maleficent comes to the castle to give her curse, and she definitely has her wicked moments there – but there is the hint that there’s more at work than just the plain desire to be evil that was all we knew in prior versions.

I love that Aurora is given more of a personality than simply a people pleasing princess who is hidden in the woods and falls in love with a stranger, as well. In this version, Maleficent shadows Aurora and has ever since Aurora was a tiny child. She’s a presence that Aurora has felt, and their interactions promise to be amongst the more interesting relationships in the movie. I’ve seen just a touch of them – and definitely not enough to ruin the movie (THANK you, Disney, for creating trailers that don’t give away the entire plot of the movie by the way) – and the innocence of Elle Fanning’s Aurora shines out with curiosity that makes her a far more compelling character.

I almost feel like Maleficent is fascinated by Aurora. There will be more of an interaction between the two of them, and I wonder almost if Maleficent will end up regretting some of her curse. There is so much potential there, and the bits and pieces I’ve seen have whetted my appetite. This is definitely a case where light and dark work together to form a grey that has a much broader truth than we ever imagined.

What I’ve seen of this PG movie is definitely dark. And there are a lot of “Scary” elements to it. Sleeping Beauty was one of the movies that most scared me growing up – it stuck with me for a long time. I feel like Maleficent has the opportunity to be even more dark and intense. While I’m looking forward to it, this is probably one that I will see with my friends rather than taking my 8 and 10 year old to see. After all, my 8 year old still runs to hide under her bed whenever I put on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But I know not all kids are nearly so sensitive as my own, and I can’t wait for the day when I can share this movie with them.

So who’s having a Sleeping Beauty <Maleficent marathon? Because wouldn’t that be the most awesome way to watch? See the one on DVD at home and then head directly to the theater. Now that is perfection in my mind!

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