Why I Don’t Procrastinate

November 22, 2013 by Michelle

I am not a procrastinator.  Generally.  I’m one of those “get it done so you don’t have to worry about it later” kind of people.  Except when I’m not, which would be right now.  We moved last week, and it’s been chaos around here trying to pack up our house for a temporary move and figure out what’s staying, going, going into storage, etc.  Couple that with normal life, and it’s possible that my driver’s license expires on Sunday (happy birthday to me).

Granted, I have a completely clean driving record and received my renewal notice at the in October, but I chose not to renew it then knowing that we would be moving and I wanted my new address on the license.  We moved last Wednesday, closed on our old house Thursday and have been frantically unpacking and trying to catch up on life since then.  I was originally planning to renew it yesterday, figuring that Thursday was a fairly non-busy (relatively) day at the DMV.

Then life laughed at me.  My concussion appointment a week ago Thursday (yes, the morning we were closing on our house while we were still removing items from and cleaning it) for Mister Man didn’t go quite as I’d hoped, and I had to make an appointment with the pediatric concussion clinic for him for – you guessed it – yesterday.  And I had agreed to help set up Breakfast with Dads, as well.  Suddenly, I left my house at 8:20am when the wee ones got on the bus and didn’t get home until after Little Miss’s gymnastics after school.  Ergo, I would renew my license today.

Fate is not my friend.

Last night, I looked up the required documents for changing your address on your driver’s license in Illinois.  According to the Secretary of State’s website, you need essentially your first born to change your address.  Fortunately, I have all the documents it lists.  Somewhere.  Yeah… remember that whole moving thing?  Some things went into storage that weren’t supposed to.  Like all our social security cards, passports, birth certificates, etc.  Oops.

I woke up with a horrible headache to the point that the wee ones were on their own getting ready for school.  I know they made it out the door dressed and with lunch and snack, but the rest is fairly hazy.  I got dressed in something in the dark and pulled my hair back before heading to my chiropractor, hoping that would help my head.  Impressing myself, I managed to grab a notarized copy of our lease, two bills, my renewal notice from the state, and everything that belongs in my purse.  Go me.

Once finished with the chiropractor, I reread the renewal form and noticed that if I were changing my address via mail, all I had to do was write in my new address.  So why did I have to give up my first born – and try to track down my social security card in storage?  I called the phone number on the form and spoke with a shockingly friendly and helpful DMV employee who reassured me that all I needed to change my address were two bills that had been sent to the new address.  And I just gained three hours in my day.

The big question was next.  Mentally debated which driver’s license facility to visit.  Playing it smart, I chose the one that is somewhat further away but also far less busy figuring my head was better off in my car driving than it was waiting in a florescent waiting room with a crowd of cranky people.

Once I got there, I was told that I had more documentation than I needed, and I proudly took my seat waiting for B182 to be called.  B179.  B180.  A202.  B181.  I was so ready to be next.  And then there were a bunch of As, some Fs, an H, and a couple Cs before the magic of B182 lit up the screen (PS they don’t let you take photos in the secretary of state’s office I found out).

As the employee took my forms, she noticed that my husband’s name was on one of the bills.  That one wasn’t acceptable as proof of my new address.  (Note to married folk: always have some of your bills in one name and some in the other for just this situation.  Grr.)  Pointing out that he was my husband and lived with me did me no good.  Pointing out that this was shown on our notarized lease earned me a pitying look.  Fortunately, the lease was acceptable as my second form of ID.

Bad news?  I was required to take the eye test.  Ever tried to take a vision test while you have a migraine?  Your eyes don’t focus as well as they normally do.  Trust me on this one.  When I read the lines the first time, I didn’t realize they were numbers instead of letters.  I didn’t fare much better the second time.  Or the third.  She sighed and moved me to a different machine that, hallelujah, had letters.  I was able to read the fifth line.  Except apparently I skipped a letter.  To say I passed the vision test by the skin of my teeth would be putting it mildly.

Even better?  When you get a new license, they take your photo.  I had been afraid of that, so in the car, I’d done what I could with my hair and makeup, knowing that it was a somewhat pointless task.  And I realized that I was wearing not the most flattering color in a turtleneck sweater.  This is not a driver’s license I will be pulling out to show everyone.  That license was two renewals ago, and I’m pretty sure I used up all my good photo karma on that one.

The saddest part?  When it was my turn for a photo, the woman told me my head was tilted.  I couldn’t tell which direction.  I honestly thought my head was straight.  It took three tries before we finally got a photo where my head wasn’t too tilted to be a “legal photo” for my license.

Illinois Drivers License

But on the plus side, I have my driver’s license with my new address.  And once I got home, I was able to sleep for a few hours.  Of course that means more items on my to do list got pushed back and will have to be done tomorrow night, but that’s what happens when I have a headache day.  That doesn’t count as procrastination, too, does it?

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