Shaklee urges me to find what I like. I like my eyes

Why I Like Myself

May 31, 2013 by Michelle

Shaklee Disclosure

I do like myself.  I may not always take compliments well (sorry – I’m working on just smiling and saying thank you, but I’m not good at it!) and I may complain about things I don’t like about myself, but overall?  I’m pretty happy with who I am.

One of the things that a lot of the Shaklee bloggers have noticed is that we tend to focus on the negative far too often.  We focus on areas that we’d like to change and are frustrated when they don’t change the way we’d like as quickly as we’d like.  We’re human.  And we tend to focus on our flaws.  When we see a picture, we focus on the way we curled part of our lip when we smiled instead of the big picture that everyone else sees.

And that’s just not healthy.

This month, we were challenged to find the things we like about ourselves and to share them.  I know it wasn’t easy for some because we’ve spent too much time focusing on the negative.  I actually got some inspirations from friends and family by asking them what they like about me (video to come – I think!).  While Little Miss was in a cranky mood and couldn’t come up with anything at all that she likes about me, everyone else amazed me by their kind words – things I would never have thought of as something that people would focus on about me as a positive.

Shaklee urges me to find what I like. I like my eyes

For me, I knew my eyes would be one part.  I won’t focus on the fact that they’re smaller than I wish they were or the fact that they’re deeply set in my head and don’t pop out.  I can’t change that, and it’s silly.  But I love my eye color.  I love the clear blue, and I love how it will change with my moods, too.

Shaklee is right I have decent legs


And as much as I’m not a fan of certain parts of my body (seriously, who likes their knees?), I like my legs.  I think I have decent legs, all things considered.  I give credit to the years and years of horseback riding and other leg focused activities for giving me a good base to keep up as I’ve gotten older.

Shaklee found a nonphysical trait to love


And because we all know that not everything is physical – thank you to my friends and family who reminded me of all the other attributes they like about me – I have to admit that I’m a pretty good cook.  I love being inspired by recipes and then completely riffing on my own.  I did it earlier this week with a chicken and rice dish, and it turned out great.  Mister Man initially refused to even try a bite saying that it had all sorts of things in it that he didn’t like but finally gave in and had two bowls because he loved it so much and couldn’t believe that I had “made it up” myself and hadn’t used a recipe.  I’m pretty proud of what I can whip up thanks to years and years of practice.

So yes, I know what I like about myself, and I encourage you to share what you like about yourself.  Asking my friends was so empowering – and often surprising.  It was fascinating to see what they came up with, so try that out, too!

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  • Pat

    I like that I don’t get angry or take offense easily. I like that I love to laugh and I laugh often, especially at things my husband says. He is a riot.

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