#VlogMom topic of the week - why do you vlog

Why I Vlog

May 23, 2013 by Michelle

So you may have noticed (ok, I hope you noticed because that means you’re regularly visiting my humble abode here) that I vlog regularly.  And that I’ve been vlogging regularly for just under a year.  I am part of the #VlogMom community that is designed to help support women who vlog, and it’s been a great experience for me.

I love the weekly topics and have participated in the vast majority of them in the past 10 plus months.  It’s a nice kick in the creativity pants, and it’s good for me.  This week, we’re welcoming several new members, so our topic is a little different from ones we’ve done in the past.  It was a VlogMom community question.

#VlogMom topic of the week - why do you vlog

So go ahead, check out my take on why I vlog.  I’d love to know why you vlog – or why you don’t vlog – so share your stories below.  Because the coolest thing for me is to take a look at my early vlogs and then watch one of my more recent ones.  I know I can see a huge difference – and who doesn’t like experiencing growth?

Besides, where else would I have the fun of capturing the most interesting faces I didn’t even know I could make?



  • Barb @ A Life in Balance

    Well, I hadn’t thought about the whole getting to talk without being interrupted aspect of vlogging. Not that moms have to deal with that day in…and day out….

    • Michelle

      You’ll pretend like the cats who periodically show up in my videos don’t make me restart because they meow too much or jump ON me when I start a vlog, right? I swear they hear the video camera being set up and come to interfere every time!

  • Deanna

    Hi Michelle!!! I had NO idea you loved to talk!!! 😉
    Actually I remember talking to you at blissdom more than any other person!!

    • Michelle

      Well yeah… I do sorta talk a lot, too. BUT I also listen. That counts for something, right? Hope to see you at another bloggy event someday soon!

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