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I had a huge aha moment this week.

You know how you have been strong all day and fought temptation left and right.  You did your workouts, you made sure to drink your water, you avoided the chocolate chip cookies, you didn’t finish the food on your children’s plates, and now it’s 9pm and you just… lose it.  Willpower is a thing of the past.

Or you’ve been stressed about what you’re working on.  You create the to do list instead of doing something fun.  You buckle down and work instead of taking the phone call from your friend.  You cross off the next to do item on your list instead of breaking for lunch with a friend.  And then you get close to the end of the day and you just can’t do anything else.  You’re done.

Or you started a new workout routine.  And you want to like it but it’s hard.  It’s an effort to do it every day, but you persevere day one, day two, day three.  And day 4?  You just can’t do it anymore.  Instead of your workout you blow it off with something else.  Or you cheat and do an easy workout.

That’s because willpower is a finite resource.  I read an article recently about a study on willpower.  We don’t have an endless supply of it, and when we use it up, that’s when we sink.  The worst part?  If you use up your willpower on going to the gym and then on getting your work done, that willpower you need to avoid the chocolate cake in your fridge?  It’s drawing from that same not exactly bottomless well.

A.  Ha.

No wonder Shaklee is working for me. I don’t need to use willpower for two of my meals. I simply follow the program, and it takes the options from me. Like I said. A. Ha.

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  • Sarah Robinson

    That is true for me, too Michelle. For me, I have to have a plan laid out. Like the shakes/bars really help, but I really need to go beyond that. i need to know what I’m going to be eating for dinner, how I’m going to get my sweet fix, etc. That way I don’t have to tell myself no over and over. 🙂

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