Wordless Wednesday – My View Of Heaven

May 11, 2011 by Michelle

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  • Brandie

    Very nice!! =) Can't wait to read more!

  • septembermom

    Oooh! Very enticing!

  • Laila

    It was great to meet you!!

  • Susie

    That DOES look heavenly!!!

  • Tara R.

    That is a lovely view.

  • The Blue Zoo

    Oh my, that sure does look heavenly.

  • Unknown Mami

    Heaven looks like it has great service and food.

  • Heather E

    Oh wow, that is AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mrs4444

    Wow. Beautiful. What a treat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pat

    It looks like you were on a cruise—that's definitely cruise-like food!

  • Laural Out Loud

    I'm taking a friend to tea for her birthday, and I'm so excited! I've never done it before, and if it's anything like your pictures, I'm going to LOVE it.

  • Michelle

    Ok, BOO to blogger. It ate comments when it went down last week. I'm reposting them since nice people took the time to post them – and I'll still respond and visit. You all DO know that I make sure to visit the blog of everyone who comments, right?

  • Michelle

    From Brandie: Very nice!! =) Can't wait to read more!

    From Septembermom: Oooh! Very enticing!

    From Laila: It was great to meet you!!

    From Susan: That DOES look heavenly!!!

    From Tara R: That is a lovely view.

  • Michelle

    The Blue Zoo – It was. If only that were something that were a normal part of my life. Three times in fifteen years doesn't make it “normal” though, does it?

    Unknown Mami – No kidding. It's definitely an incentive to try to get there, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Heather – And perfect for you someday. It's little bites!

    Mrs4444 – It was an awesome treat. I have the “real” post up on the experience at The Chicago Moms now.

    Pat – Ooooo good idea. I think I ought to head out on a cruise. Maybe that will be the vacation next year. I bet the wee ones would love it, too!

    Laural – Oh what a great birthday idea! I think I need to do that for someone soon. So much fun – definitely let us all know how it went.

    Brandie – You can now… head over to The Chicago Moms!

    Kelly – Yep. I can only imagine the poetry you'd come up with from that experience.

    Laila – You, too! I so love going places and then meeting new fun people.

    Susan – No kidding. Mmmmm. I think it's probably a good idea I don't do that normally!

    Tara – Yep. I could go with that view more often.

  • Patty @ A Day in My NYC

    Heaven indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle

    Patty – You've got some great places for tea by you. Go enjoy them!

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