Wordless Wednesday: The Pinewood Derby

January 25, 2012 by Michelle

Last night was the Pinewood Derby for Mister Man. He was so incredibly excited about the car he built. He decided to go for the Chevy Mi-Ray concept car that was unveiled last year at the Seoul Motor Show. The car is an electric hybrid sports car that reminds me of a cross between the Batmobile and a James Bond car. I love it.

And so did he.

Pretty cool, no? He’s so proud. His car won third place in design. It also won the first race, although he didn’t win the next one to move on. I can only imagine what he’ll come up with for next year!

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  • Connie Burke

    Mister Man has excellent taste! Very cool. He'll catch the attention of someone from GM Design one day, no doubt. Well done. You must be one burstingly proud momma.

  • Pat

    Woo hoo! Congratulations to Mister Man for winning 3rd place in design. That is a very cool car. My two older sons also made pinewood derby cars, but they didn't win any awards. It was a fun father-son project.

  • Heather E

    He is just precious! What an awesome car! 🙂

  • Sandra

    I love his smile. Way to go, Mister Man! I bet that same smile is on your face, too! =)

  • Michelle

    Connie – Unfortunately, you'll be competing with Lego. That's where he wants to be a designer right now 😉

    Pat – He won third place last year, too, and is so excited. I love that he didn't WIN win but is still thrilled with how he did. And umm yes, Boy Scouting is definitely Father/Son here. I can't take on any more!

    Heather – Isn't he? He's so proud and wants to show the car to everyone. I love it.

    Sandra – He's got a good smile, doesn't he? I have the same smile – though I wasn't at the Pinewood Derby (ahem, father/son thing), but I would have been smiling even more then.

  • Tara R.

    Yay for Mister Man! That's a great derby car.

  • Mrs4444

    Congrats to your little cub (or is he a Webelo or something else? It's been a while…I forget!

  • Michelle

    Tara – I thought so. He did tell me yesterday that next year he wants to make a “race” car. I'll be interestd to see what that means 😉

    Barb – Thanks! He's actually still a Wolf Scout. Next year is Webelo, right? I think.

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