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The wee ones both play sports. Mister Man does tae kwon do three nights a week, and Little Miss is involved in competitive gymnastics. Though they aren’t traditional team sports, with Little Miss’s competitive gymnastics, we are moving that way. She has a group of girls who she practices with three times a week where they’ve bonded, and they’ll compete both against and with each other starting this fall. It’s a nice balance between individual striving and having the support of a team behind you. But oh. The uniforms.

Little Miss was fitted this past week, and the cost of her required items alone has me wondering what I was doing suggesting she stick with gymnastics rather than moving to soccer or softball or another sport with costs but… to a lesser degree. Her monthly gym fees are staggering to my mind, but when they told me that her competition leotard is $215, I gasped. Literally. Add on her warmup suit – $75 for the jacket and $40 for the pants – and the $30 duffel bag to hold her equipment, and I was ready to cry. Don’t ask how many items are in my closet that cost $215. Please.

I know that in many other sports, there are the same issues with uniform costs, especially when kids start to play in travel leagues and every cost escalates exponentially. Good news? There’s an easier way to get sponsorship for your child’s sports team to pay for the cost of those uniforms – and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Pear is a social engagement platform that is aimed to help garner sponsorships from companies that have dollars to spend but don’t have an effective way of allocating them. You don’t have to sell anything or go begging for money. Instead, you have a group leader set up a Pear for your team on to earn a credit sponsored by Safeskin to be used at any participating Pear printer. Members of the team join the Pear and complete various activities to earn points that convert to cash. To earn the points, various team members do incentives like signing up for an email or liking an Instagram page. Groups can earn up to $1,000 in a ten day span, and that right there would just about pay for leos for my daughter’s gymnastics team.

Because each person who completes the activities earns points towards a gift certificate redeemable at any Pear printer, the reward you earn quickly adds up. Once you receive the certificate, you can use it on any custom t-shirt or other custom apparel. It is valid only for kids’ sports teams, but I’m good with that. There’s no catch, and I love that it means I don’t have to sell anything. Your item will have a three inch by four inch Pear logo on the design of your item, but all team sponsorships have their sponsor’s logo on them already.


Social networking is a way of life now. How isn’t connected to one device or another for the majority of the day? Being able to harness this power to pay for my kids’ team uniforms is my idea of genius. Check out this Pear for the Lancers – think you can help them reach their goal? You know I’m already scheming how I can use it – what Pear would you set up?

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