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August 25, 2013 by Michelle

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Almost every morning, I sneeze.  And frequently in the afternoons, I have itchy eyes.  I can feel sometimes how they swell up and are just uncomfortable.  I try to avoid taking allergy medications because I just don’t want all those chemicals floating around my body.  Zarbee’s, however, has just come out with a new Seasonal Relief product aimed at those 12 and up.  So you know I had to try it.

Zarbees Seasonal Relief tablets

It has just launched at Target and CVS stores, and I have to say that I’m impressed.  They use Butterbur Plant Extract Ze339, which is a natural ingredient derived from an herb and reduces inflammation.  It’s been clinically proven effective.  The best part for me?  It’s natural, safe, and effective.

Effective?  Yes, it is!  We get some great pollen days in Chicago that really impact me.  I waited for a good one where I knew I was not dealing well with the pollen in the air and then took one of the new Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief tablets.  I only need to take one, which I like, and I can take up to three per day if needed.  I didn’t need to.

Within a half hour or so, I could start to feel my congestion loosening, and my sneezing stopped.  I wasn’t feeling quite so foggy; my brain was turned back on!  It is a non-drowsy formula, which is good for me because I tend to not sleep well when allergies bother me, so I’m already tired.  I have too much to do to fall asleep during the day, and of course it isn’t habit forming either.

The package contains 10 tablets with a suggested retail price of $8.99 in the allergy relief aisle of Target and CVS nationwide.  It’s a natural PA-safe formula that is also drug, gluten, and dairy free.  While I do what I can to avoid having to take medications, there are times when I need to.  Having Zarbee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief available in my arsenal makes me feel better already!

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  • Angel The Alien

    Sounds kind of expensive, but I might have to try it! My itchy eyes have been driving me completely insane lately, and I’ve been taking Zyrtec, plus using eye wash and allergy eye drops!

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